Wellness Care

Even if you don't have pain, chiropractic helps improve the overall health of your body and can prevent future pain and sickness. 

Pain Relief

We can help!

Back pain

Neck pain



Auto injuries

Sports injuries

Work injuries

and more!

For all ages

Spinal Correction

Specific adjustment program to restore the normal position of the spine. This helps maximize the function of the nervous system, thus maximizing the body's healing and overall health. Thus, helping you prevent future symptoms.

Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractic

Growing research finds that pregnant moms and kids need chiropractic care more than ever to help the child live a high quality life, free of sickness and pain well into adulthood.

Animal Chiropractic

Large and Small Animals

Chiropractic helps to maximize the overall motion and health of the animal as well as helps alleviate pain and improve attitude changes including anxiety and allergies.

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Weight Loss Coaching

If you are looking to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, look no further. We will work with you to create a customized plan to achieve your goal weight with an action plan that is doable for you! 

Benefits of weight loss coaching:

  • One on one accountability with a personalized coach

  • Co-creating a plan to make sustainable changes to your routine

  • Realistic and attainable style of eating

  • In person sessions along with virtual check-ins outside of normal office hours with advanced coaching

  • Balancing calories in with calories out

Health Coaching
Wellness Coaching

With wellness coaching, our focus is holistic and examines all parts of your health including but not limited to stress management, healthy eating, minimizing toxins, self-care, emotional eating, movement, and mindfulness.

​Benefits of wellness coaching:

  • Individualized plan based on your health goals 

  • Wellness vision development and co-creating a wellness map to achieve your vision

  • Source of accountability and motivation

  • One on one sessions along with virtual check-ins to fit in to your busy lifestyle

  • Will work with you to develop self-awareness and make behavior changes that are doable and realistic 

  • Additional resources: one on one personal training in our gym

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