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Zebra or Lion?

Hello Hilltop Family!

I know I promised you how tos on maximizing your Innate based mindset but I decided to go a different direction today because I feel this knowledge is necessary to be successful at implementing those tools I want to share with you.

The Fight or Flight Response: Helpful and Harmful

In the modern times that we live in, we are constantly under stress even if we don't feel like we are. Don't fool yourself... even the most seemingly unstressed person is stressed under the surface in some way in today's society. Especially right now. This means that for most of us, our bodies are in a perpetual fight or flight state. In this state, the sympathetic nervous system (the part in charge of coordinating the fight or flight responses) is always turned on and redirecting energy to the parts and processes of the body that are needed to fight or run from a threat of some type: increased blood flow to the muscles by diverting blood from other parts of the body (organs and glands); increased blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugars and fats to supply the body with extra energy; increased muscle tension to provide the body with extra speed and strength; blood clotting processes speed up to prevent excessive blood loss if an injury is sustained during the response. As you can imagine, this is a CAUSE of disease because these reactions are happening all of the time in chronic fight or flight mode. Not to mention, emotional and mental stress both known and unknown causes subluxations which further increases your risk of health crisis (injury, disease, symptoms).

In animals, the fight or flight response is only used when a threat is present. For example, when a zebra is getting chased by a hungry lion, it's fight or flight responses are only active until the zebra feels it is safe again then those reactions cease. We of course are designed this way as well but to us humans that live in today's world, threats are ALWAYS present- work, school, kids, spouses, money, the media, and so on. Your body cannot tell the difference between what you are seeing on the news and a lion standing in front of you nor can it differentiate between a positive stress (eustress= a stress to the body that helps it perform better) and a negative stress (distress= a stress that takes away from the body). This is because your body is at the mercy of the thoughts you think or your mindset, responding to the chemicals (neurotransmitters and hormones) that your brain decides to release and feed it in response to the perceived threat- this is called adaptation by the way- right down to causing DNA or genetic changes which we will talk about later. And that body response is all based on how your brain is wired or programmed.

Each of us have the same underlying programs that are necessary for life: the Innate driven processes of fight or flight as we talked about earlier as well as the Innate driven processes of the parasympathetic nervous system or the repair, rest and digest responses. But each of us also have different, learned programs on top of those automatic, inborn things. These learned programs are both negative and positive thought and behavior patterns, beliefs, habits, personality traits, etc that we learned or picked up from other people (parents, family members, teachers, care providers...) starting during the 8th month of pregnancy- like watching your mom sit or say something in a certain way so you copy her as a kid and it sticks into adulthood or feeling anxious when someone raises their voice because that's all you heard in utero during your 8th and 9th gestation months. These programs are also learned from the media (TV shows, books, movies, the news, social media...)- like using violence to resolve conflict- as well as everything we learn in school and beyond. Then, there are also the programs that are created from our personal life experiences like traumatic events (for example, being overly cautious to the point of creating anxiety every time you get to a certain corner you got rear ended at). The majority of these programs happen and are active subconsciously, meaning we do them without thinking about it (like driving) or we don't consciously know that we are doing them and a lot of these programs are rooted in and caused by something we were unaware of at the time of occurrence.

Many of us have negative or fear based subconscious programs that affect how we interact with other people (like social anxiety or reacting in an outburst of anger whenever you feel wronged by someone) and how we interact with ourselves (like severely criticizing yourself whenever you make a mistake or thinking you are not good enough to do something or for someone). These kind of mental programs and being in constant fight or flight mode affect the quality of your life physically, mentally, and emotionally because it decreases the expression of Innate Intelligence in your body- a subluxation between the ears if you would- thus lessening the amount of life force energy available to you and increasing your risk of health crisis (symptoms, disease, injury) as we've talked about in previous articles. This of course then affects your capacity to give and receive love and how you perceive and interact with the outside world.


Love by the way (not romantic love, just general love for self, others, and the Earth as well as for the divine being of your choosing= universal love), is another automatic program that each of us share. We actually share it with all beings and things on this planet. In fact, this unconditional, universal love is the core of who we all are but the negative learned programs that are different in each of us can dilute that love and "cover it up" like clouds do to the sunshine. The sun is always shining but the clouds temporarily dim the light. You are the sun. You are love. Don't ever forget that! When we do, conflict and negativity within ourselves happens and we get disconnected from our true self, we get disconnected from the universal love that we all have access to. This disconnection or separation consciousness is yet another thing keeping us in constant fight or flight mode by causing us to look at the world like it is dangerous and that there is not enough of love to go around for everyone, putting us in competition with each other and in a state of feeling lack and less than... creating turmoil and conflict between people... creating a world with more fear and negativity... all because we don't feel the love that is already there and always will be there within us so we look for it outside ourselves in other people, in things, in places, in money. Of course, this can end up disappointing us in certain ways depending on your programs and is the reason many people are unhappy: they are not allowing the infinite, unconditional, universal love to flow within and are expecting the outside world to provide them with their love and happiness. This is absurd of course because how does the outside world know what makes you happy and feel loved? Only you know that. Only you can provide yourself with the true happiness and love you deserve (this includes finding people who expand and enrich that already present light of love).

This is where self-love comes in. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you have in this life. If you don't see/feel or perceive your love cup as full, you can't give to others and you can't help or care for others (talking to you, moms). At least not doing your best. Your health and your wellbeing is determined by how much you love yourself and how much you care about how you feel emotionally as your emotions are your guide to how much love there is present within you and therefore how connected you are to your true, love self. The more positive emotions (see the Emotional Guidance Scale) you elicit the more you perceive and live in a love state... and it's in this state that the body is working in perfect harmony and Innate Intelligence expression is maximized= optimal health.

Providing yourself with the 5 Essentials of Health is the ultimate form of self-love, not taking a bath or getting a pedicure although those are nice things to do as part of healthy stress reduction to ensure a maximized mindset. That being said, next week we will go into the how tos on this Essential. Things you can do to show love to yourself.

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