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Hello Hilltop Family! We hope you have an open mind attitude today because we are going to continue discussing the immune system with the controversial topic of vaccinations. Dr. Brittany feels it is necessary to talk about this subject even though it is a controversial one because she wants to make sure that you have all of the information you need to make the best, informed decision for you and your family about how to prevent disease. The information you get about vaccines from most medical doctors is not very thorough sometimes and is one sided. There are reasons for this of course but has anyone ever shared the other side of the story with you? Has anyone gone over the potential risks (FYI all medical interventions have risks) or even the ingredients in vaccines with you? Did you know that not a single study has been done on the safety of the current CDC schedule for childhood vaccines and that most safety studies (like the ones for the new coronavirus vaccine they are working on) don't compare the vaccine to a placebo, which is the gold standard in scientific research? What about that vaccine given immunity isn't for life? Did you even know that there are other options besides vaccines to prevent disease? This is what we are talking about when we say ALL of the information. Giving you information that you need to know to help you make the most educated choice you can make. DISCLAIMER:

  • We are only providing you resources to do your own research and to form your own opinions on vaccinations based on ALL of the information.

  • We will never tell you to not get them nor will we judge you for doing so if you do because that is your choice.

  • We will also respect your opinions on the subject and we ask that you do the same in return. We all want the same thing after all, to make sure our loved ones and ourselves are healthy.

  • All we ask is that you approach this topic with an open mind and learn as much as you can about both sides because only then can you truly make an educated and informed choice.

  • Always remember, it is your health so it is your choice! If you get anything out of all of this, let it be that. You have the choice on how you take care of your health, no matter what.

  • As with everything in life, take what resonates with you but try to keep your mind open.

  • And remember, just because you learned about one way of doing something growing up or you have a different set of beliefs, it does not mean that that's the only way. We live in a world of endless possibilities so why wouldn't that hold true with our beliefs? Again, an open mind is necessary.

  • Even if you don't have children or have older children, this research should also be applied to the yearly vaccinations available such as the flu shot but also because there is a chance for more adult vaccinations to become available.

Where to look:

  • The Truth About Vaccines 2020 Docu-Series is the perfect place to dip your feet in if you are unsure or if you want the updated research presented to you at once. This is Dr. Brittany's personal account, so please do not change anything. User: drbrittany@hilltopfamilychiro.com. Password: Dt7632Ku&!C2

  • Here is also a good place to start your research. This is a good read to learn how to do proper research so you can form your own opinions on any subject and not succumb to the fake news propaganda.

  • If you want to dive even deeper go here: Vaccine Research. This was put together by a mentor of Dr. Brittany's. You will find package inserts for each of the vaccines available here as well as stories about adverse reactions. She has not yet read every single study/piece of information on this list as it is quite extensive and she has other things she wants to learn about for you. She has done other research as well besides what's on this list.

  • If you want to learn more, just let us know.

  • Of course we will be providing information on what those other options are besides vaccines in a future email. If you absolutely can't wait, start with this podcast.

Dr Brittany's opinion based on her years (yes years) of researching both sides:

  • She is not an anti-vaxxer, she is pro-health meaning she is for doing what is best for the health of the person. That is why she does so much research and learning for you (this is one of the things she does during those break times in our schedule). To help you be as healthy as possible.

  • She also is pro-informed choice meaning she is for doctors providing all of the information to patients. The good and the bad. Disclosing all of the facts that the patient would need to know for their health. This is why she wanted to give you this information today, you deserve all the updated and accurate data, without bias because yes some of the data out there is biased as vaccines (as well as other things in the medical world) make lots of money for certain people (we won't get into this now).

  • And finally, she is pro-freedom. She believes that everyone deserves the right to choose how they take care of their health without mandate and without unnecessary pressure or bullying.

COVID Updates Antibody Testing- Is it Accurate? We have been hearing mixed information about the testing and whether or not we will be immune to this virus if we get exposed. Here is an excellent explanation on COVID immunity and a summary of the long email we sent out last week if you didn't read it (sorry about that, Dr. Brittany can be long winded when she gets excited and has lots to share with you). P.S. this is one of the many resources Dr. Brittany uses to get her COVID news as it is not government funded like the mainstream media news outlets are (CNN, CNBC, Fox, WCCO, etc)- so there's no political bias and fear mongering, just straight up facts. Asymptomatic Spread Many of you have also been concerned about the asymptomatic, COVID-19 carriers spreading this virus if they don't wear masks or practice other safety measures recommended by the WHO and CDC. A pubmed study exposed 455 people to 1 asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 and found that 0 of those 455 became infected. This is what Dr. Brittany has been saying all along: If your immune system is healthy and strong, you have less of a chance of getting and spreading an infection. And how do you build a strong immune system? Follow your 5 Essentials of Health. Don't know what they are? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brittany NOW! Prevention is key.

Thank you for keeping your mind open on this touchy topic. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let us know. Remember, we are here to help you and Dr. Brittany has her ear to the ground as always to bring you the most accurate and up to date information on all things health related including the situation with COVID-19. We appreciate you and hope you are staying well! Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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