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Winning Nighttime Routine

Today, many people struggle falling and staying asleep and is becoming more of a common problem. You’ve heard that morning routines are important but just as important is your nighttime routine. We are going to give you some suggestions to improve your quality of sleep and promote the healing and recovery deep sleep brings.

  1. Dim the lights. Studies are proving that artificial light at night (especially blue light) can detrimentally impact your sleep and even cause depression and disease. As the sun goes down, dim the lighting in the house. Dr. Brittany has Himalayan salt lamps that keep just enough light in the living room and bathroom.

  2. Step away from the screen! This means TV, tablets, phone, even your kindle. 20-30 minutes before bed, cut yourself off from any screen use to limit harmful blue light (throws off your sleep-wake cycles or your circadian rhythm) that emits from your screened things.

  3. Prepare for tomorrow. Often what keeps people up at night is leaving unfinished business from the day or worrying about something you have to do tomorrow. Get the coffee maker ready, set out your outfit, prep for breakfast (if you can)… things like that to make your morning easier and less stressful.

  4. Stretch and unwind. Stretching helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (your rest and digest energies), which promotes relaxation. It also helps keep your spine limber to prevent subluxations from returning faster than normal- translation, it helps you prevent as well as relieve pain.

  5. Make it really dark. Having a dark bedroom signals the brain and the body that it’s time to rest and sleep. Dr. Brittany has blackout curtains and a fitted sleep mask to help block out the light.

  6. Turn down the thermostat. Turning down the thermostat below 70 F will cool your body down enough to signal your brain that it’s time to sleep.

  7. End the day in Gratitude. Clear your mind and review your day. What are you grateful for today? What good things happened? What things did you overcome? What worked for you today and what didn’t? Gratitude helps to instantly improve your mood which can help you fall asleep faster and can continue into the next day.

Dr. Brittany's Nighttime Routine:

  • Dinner

  • Clean up

  • 1 hour of TV and social media- done before 8:30 usually

  • Stretch while listening to calming music (usually piano music)

  • 15-30 minutes journal- free writing, gratitude, positive aspects/affirmations

  • 1 hour of energy management- meditation, energy clearing work, visualization, prayer

  • 10:00 bedtime

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