The United States of (Un)Health

Updated: Mar 2

The State of Our Country

Sickness and suffering is common story in America, even though it does not have to be as many of the things people in this country are suffering from are completely preventable.

Let’s be real here, our country as a whole is NOT the healthiest. In fact, we have one of the unhealthiest industrialized countries in the world. Just look at these statistics:

  • 1 in 2 people develop heart disease every year, which is the leading cause of death

  • 1 in 3 people develop cancer every year, the second leading cause of death

  • Medical mistakes kill anywhere from 44,000 to 98,000 hospitalized Americans a year

  • Up to 2 million people are hospitalized and 140,000 die each year from side effects or reactions to prescription drugs

  • 80% of all adults do not meet basic exercise requirements

  • 40% of all adults do not eat fruit and vegetables every day

  • Health care costs have risen $3.2 trillion annually

  • 10% of health costs go toward prescription drugs

  • USA ranks 11 out of 11 when it comes to health compared to wealth

As you can tell, chronic disease is at an all time high even though we spend trillions of dollars in healthcare research and production.

Why the discrepancy?

One problem is that the current, conventional healthcare model (the medical or allopathic model) is one of reaction and one that takes an outside-in approach to health and wellness. What I mean by this is many people in our country think that if they don’t have symptoms, they are healthy (which isn’t always the case with chronic disease) so they don’t really take any proactive measures until a symptom does shows up. And once symptoms do show up, the common mindset is to put something into or on the body to make it heal and feel better. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has shifted our mindset away from taking responsibility for our health to relying on doctors and other health practitioners as well as things outside of ourselves to make us well.

Which brings me to a second problem; that Big Pharma (the researchers and developers of our vaccines and medications) and those they are affiliated with who promote and regulate these medical marvels (the CDC, NIH, FDA, EPA, mainstream media, etc) are more interested in making a profit than they are interested in improving the health of the people. I say this because time and time again, the more natural and healthier options that don't make as much money have been ignored or even censored by the mainstream, the EFFECTS of poor health are researched more often than the CAUSES of it, and there is a continued push to look for solutions that fix the problem AFTER it is already there instead of driving resources to preventative and proactive options.

This money hungry mindset trickles down then to the doctors in the clinics and hospitals, who get their information from Big Pharma reps and of course their medical schools, which also get funding and information from Big Pharma. This creates doctors who are not very well educated in wellness, only drugs and surgery. So then most people are told by these doctors that there’s nothing they did to cause their symptoms (because the doctors themselves don't realize any different unless they've educated themselves on wellness ways) if given a cause at all, that they just need this drug or this surgery or this whatever that will make them heal/feel better. Which only deepens the reliance on the doctors and outside-in approach treatments.

So I ask you this... if their way was working like they claim, wouldn't we have a healthier country than we do? Instead, this generation of children is NOT expected to live longer than their parents. We are going in the wrong direction.

Don’t get me wrong here. The medical world, the medical doctors and surgeons who prescribe these things, is great for emergency situations like trauma and severe cases of infectious disease as they do heal the body, however they do so in a risky way that doesn’t support the body’s natural wellness (the body's Innate Intelligence). There are other options that better suit everyday wellness. Which is why I am here.


In light of this, I want to provide you with some of my resources where I get my news, my science data, and my world updates from as I do not watch mainstream news channels like CNN, NBC, Fox, etc. These resources will provide you with wellness information to make your own informed choice about your health (remember you only get what Big Pharma wants you to hear from mainstream media as most mainstream media outlets are owned or funded by Big Pharma). Don't take my word for it either. I promote informed choice when it comes to the health of the world therefore I highly encourage you to dig deeper on all things health; especially deeper than what the mainstream tells you as it's not always the truth. Keep in mind, there are more alternative news outlets besides these so if you find one that's not on the list and question it's validity, let me know and I can help.

  • The Defender

  • The Highwire

  • Natural News

  • Greenmedinfo

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