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Hello Friend! With the concern of COVID-19 still present, we will continue to share helpful information and keep you as up to date on the situation as possible. We WILL remain open as our role is an essential part of the health care system. So you CAN leave your home for your chiropractic appointments even with the stay at home order in place. All CDC guidelines will continue to be followed in full effect as your safety and health are our top priorities.

Use this time of isolation from the world to make some life changes and raise your vibration. As people of this great planet, we should always keep in mind that we are stronger together when we are whole as individuals first. And part of that wholeness is being as healthy as possible. Your wholeness (and your health) comes from within, not from outside of you. It doesn't come from an ibuprofen, or an anti-biotic, or even the flu vaccine. Think about this for a second...Have you ever heard of a Tyenol deficiency or an anti-viral medication deficiency in your body, or even a vaccine deficiency? Of course not, those things don't exist. So where does wholeness and health truly come from? Your Innate Intelligence. This is the energy that expresses life in the body: making the organs run, moving the muscles, regulating the body systems and functions, but most importantly this is the energy that is causing your body to adapt to your lifestyle and environment in order to heal and stay alive. If you think about when you get cuts or bruises, usually you don't have to worry that they will heal or think about that cut all the time to make it heal. The body does the healing automatically on its own. This is just one small example of Innate at work. Another example is if you are in a stressful environment, your body will adapt and respond with different internal processes to help you handle that stress (think about what would happen in your body if you were to encounter a bear right outside your house: heart rate speeds up, breathing quickens, your muscles get ready to run, etc). Now imagine if this response was present every day for stresses you had no idea were happening in your life. All of your body's focus would be on that stress response and your body would have a hard time handling anything above and beyond its normal processes if it could do those even at all. That is why natural stress reduction is so important for optimal health. If your Innate Intelligence is expressing itself at 100%, then you are healthy and whole. If not, then disease and dysfunction have more of a chance to develop. Your commitment to the 5 Essentials of Health determine how much expression your Innate Intelligence is able to achieve and therefore, how healthy you actually will be. Meaning, your body can only heal as well as you take care of it through giving it proper nerve supply, clean nutrition, exercise, a positive mindset, and minimizing toxins. Your body wants to stay alive and it will do anything and everything it can to do so, including forming cancer cells and diseases if you aren't providing your body with what it needs to be healthy. So take care of it and take fear and reaction thinking out of the equation: don't just sit and wait for a symptom to show up, be proactive with your health.

We will be extending our March Wellness Exam promotion of $17 for a spinal exam, functional scans, and x-rays if needed until the end of April. This will give you more opportunities for yourself and your family to get your spine and your Innate checked to see if there is any interference in your body that is affecting your health. If you are under chiropractic care already, you can use this offer to get updated functional scans and x-rays. Side note: x-rays allow Dr. Brittany to take your adjustment to the next level because it brings a customized component to the adjustment which allows more healing to happen in your body.

In an effort to "flatten the curve," we ask that you share this email and all other information put out by Hilltop Family Chiropractic to everyone you know. And if you haven't yet, like us on social media (links below) as this is where most of our resources and guidance on all things health will be. Share away! Help us get through this as fast as possible. Together we will rise. We appreciate you and as always thank you for being a part of our lives and helping us spread the word of proactive health! And if you need anything, we are here for you!! Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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