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Hello Hilltop Family! Essential of Health: Exercise Yet another requirement of healthy cells is oxygen. This of course is provided by exercise. Contrary to what most people think, the purpose of exercise is not to look good. It is to help the heart and lungs move oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. We can eat all the healthy food that we want and get adjusted until the cows come home but if we don't exercise, these vital resources won't make it to the cells of the body. Hence why it is ESSENTIAL to give to your body. Your body is designed to move! Not necessarily to scale mountains or run marathons (not without training anyways), but to stretch, walk, lift, squat, carry, etc. But our modern lifestyle takes us from our beds to the car, to a desk and from our desk to the couch and back to bed. Therefore, movement has become the exception instead of the norm even though it has been scientifically proven over and over that sitting is a high risk factor for all-cause mortality, meaning it can cause a long list of health crisis (illness, injury, and symptoms) not just one or two things that can lead to death. Mindset shift:

  • Exercise is more than feeling and looking good, it helps to provide your body with the necessary oxygen it needs to keep your cells healthy along with helping the heart and lungs disperse that oxygen as well as nutrients throughout the body.

  • You cannot out exercise a bad diet. Make sure you eat healthy to support your fitness goals (see nutrition Essential).

  • Not all exercise is created equal. Classic cardio only does so much when it comes to creating lean muscle and weight loss if that is your goal. BUT any exercise, is good exercise.


  • Daily, even if that means walking.

  • The amount of time depends on the kind of workout you are doing. There are many studies that show 30 minutes a day is adequate but you can achieve optimal workout results in just 12 with certain HIIT programs.

  • Honestly, the best time of day to work out is when you have time and what fits best in your eating and sleeping schedule.

  • It is important to mix it up when it comes to exercise, meaning don't do the same thing every day. That way, you address more muscles and different hormone and circulatory processes.

  • Also, it is very beneficial to do a combination of exercises. Meaning doing something for endurance, something for flexibility, something for balance, etc. Again, doing this addresses different muscles and different hormone and circulatory processes to get more overall health benefits.

  • Metabolic conditioning- high intensity, short duration workouts. Can be built into any exercise program by adding short bursts of high intensity (get your heart rate as close to max as possible) then rest for the same amount of time. Increases your fat burning hormones better than cardio and for longer (up to 72 hours of fat burning AFTER you exercise this way).

  • MaxT3- daily exercise program that is only 12 minutes per day. Purchase online at www.maxt3.com. This program can be modified if you have an injury or bad anything and encompasses all of the principles of metabolic conditioning.

  • Stretch- make sure to stretch your muscles before and after your workouts. It is also beneficial to stretch daily outside of exercise stretching. Of course this is on top of your specific, x-ray based spinal corrective stretches and exercises if you have them.

  • Yoga– every Wednesday at 5:30pm. $10 each for 5 classes or $12 drop in. All levels are welcome. CLASSES ARE CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Other ways to get your body moving:

  • Park far away at work or at the store so you have a longer walking distance.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • If you have a sedentary job, make sure you get up at least once an hour to stretch and move around.

Mindful breathing:

  • Take 10 second moments throughout your day to focus on deep breathing. This brings back your focus, calms you, and gives your body a quick boost of oxygen.

  • Belly breathing– you always want to make sure you use your diaphragm when breathing.

Caution on mask wearing:

  • Do not exercise with a mask on!

  • Masks have scientifically been shown to increase the risk of carbon dioxide related health problems- headaches, nausea, sleepiness, poor concentration, hypoxia (loss of oxygen to the tissues), etc as well as possible toxicity and death. Even the face shields increase CO2 levels. Check this out! The video I really want you to watch is the live mask test where Del from The Highwire tested different PPE on his 11 year old son to show you how dangerous it is to children (who are typically healthier than adults so if it affects kids this much, you can imagine how much it affects us). Note: This is the only way I could share this video with you because YouTube censored it for "violating community guidelines." If you actually read the whole article, it goes into a bit about how the mask requirements have little to do with our health and what the mainstream media isn't telling you.

  • Since we are being forced to wear them in our state, make sure you are doing plenty of things to boost your oxygen levels as well as not wearing them whenever you don't have to- in the car, at home, or outside.

  • Also, always remember: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH!!! You are not responsible for your neighbors health nor are they responsible for yours. Asking someone to wear a mask for your protection is like asking them to go exercise for you. You are expecting them to keep you healthy but they have NO control over that. You do. So the best way to protect others is by taking care of your own self and really the only and best way to do that is be proactively healthy with YOUR 5 Essentials of Health. Of course, if you are sick yes protect others and stay home/ use extra precautions but ultimately it comes down to the strength of their immune system.

Personal Training:

  • Coach Anna is also a personal trainer along with a health coach so if you would like one on one training time, let us know.

For more educational material on fitness and exercise, check out our social media pages and keep an eye out for upcoming classes. Make sure to like us and share what inspires you with others!

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