Universal Intelligence

The Spiritual Side of Health

As discussed in vitalism, your body is innately designed to be healthy and heal itself. You have powerful, unseen energies inside of you that constantly push you toward wellness and that keep you alive by helping you adapt to your life experience and your environment as well as the energies that help you take physical form when you were in your mother’s womb and that make sure you keep that physical form until life leaves your body when you die.

Note: You do not need to be religious to embrace these wellness and chiropractic concepts I speak about. My goal is to open your eyes to the different views on health and to further your understanding on wellness, providing you with education to make informed decisions regarding your health. As always, take what resonates with you and ask questions as needed!

Dr. D. D. Palmer, the father of chiropractic, named these unseen energies within the body Innate Intelligence and defined it as Universal Intelligence (God, Divine Intelligence, or Source Energy) expressed in matter; the part of a greater intelligence that gives life on Earth and allows it to stay organized in physical form. Universal Intelligence then is the power that supplies the universe with intelligence, force, and matter- everything. It is inexhaustible (infinite, unlimited) and everywhere in the universe so there is no need to tether our body to it with a physical cord of some type for the body to form and function.

According to father chiropractic, every living being then is an extension of this Source Energy. However, Innate Intelligence is the finite part of Universal Intelligence that is limited by the physicalness of the body as the body needs things to stay alive (food, water, air, nerve supply) as well as limited to other physical life on this planet, limited to the amount of matter in a living being. But no matter what, each individual living thing always has the amount of Innate Intelligence required to make him what he is. Always. No exception.

Ok enough philosophical speak… what does this actually mean?

It means there is an amazing power of energy and information, a knowing if you would, within you that keeps all of the cells of your body in the shape of a human and all the cells working like a human, and each individual human being is the unique manifestation of the infinite universal energies that make up our 3D world and that influence every thing living and non-living. Every living being has this internal, finite power, only it is specific to that specific species. For example, a plant will not look like or function like a human, it will look like and function like a plant here in this reality.

These universal energies are the seen and unseen energies that make up our reality and connect the cells of one’s being and therefore can be constructive or destructive to our health and the flow of wellness within the body. This is the spiritual side of health.

In the Quantum

In order for you to understand this better, first recognize that everything in this universe is made of energy, as shown by quantum mechanics. Don’t worry, I won’t go into super detail here because this is a heavy subject but there are a few basics that tie into some chiropractic principles I want to share with you:

Every physical living and non-living thing (even the Earth and the other planets themselves), therefore all matter, consist of energy. Both of a visible, physical/material energy (particles) and as an invisible, nonphysical/immaterial force field energy (waves). In fact, atoms or the building blocks of matter are 99.999999999999% empty space. But it is not really empty. It is actually filled with energy: a vast array of energy frequencies that form an invisible, interconnected field of information called the quantum field. This is the energy that causes the particles of the atom to vibrate, going from particle to wave (from visible to invisible) and back again over and over and over in less than a fraction of a second, in order to sustain a “solid” or physical appearance.

Therefore, no matter how solid something seems, matter is really only energy and information that is vibrating in and out of reality at a specific frequency. Everything in the universe vibrates then at a specific frequency with heavier, denser objects at a lower vibration/frequency and lighter, smaller objects at a higher vibration/frequency. Even our human body and our thoughts and feelings carry specific frequencies, but we won’t get into this now.

Some of this energy can be sensed or observed with our 5 physical senses because it is physical, it is vibrating at a specific frequency that we are conscious/aware of (it is dense/low vibe enough to be seen/heard/felt with the naked senses). But there is also the energy that we cannot observe with our 5 physical senses because it is invisible or vibrates at a frequency that our senses cannot pick up on. Yet, these energies are still present within our environment both inside and outside the body. Therefore, energy is information either in particle or wave form.

Think of the spectrum of light for example. We can only consciously see and are aware of the visible light on the spectrum, which gives us information on the physical objects we observe in our reality (shape, color, density, texture, mass, etc). Whereas we cannot see things like x-rays and radio waves, but they are still present in our environment regardless. But even though we don’t consciously observe them, these invisible energies still carry information. For instance, radio waves carry information that is emitted or broadcasted from each specific station towers to your radio.

The Whole World

According to quantum mechanics then, our 3D world is really made of energy, it is not made of solid things that are separate from each other. This is because atoms are everywhere in our reality: they make up both the solid objects (living and non-living things) and the invisible spaces in between, as well as of course the invisible spaces within the atoms themselves as previously mentioned. This means too then that there is invisible energy within our human bodies that cause our atoms vibrate to maintain solid form and causing them function as we will discuss. But even though there is perceived space (we see it as “nothing”) within us, between us and other beings, and between us and other objects, there really is no such thing as space… everything, everywhere on this Earth is not separate, it is one indivisible, dynamic whole. This is what I imagine Dr. Palmer called Universal Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence then is this infinite, universal energy concentrated into and animating a physical form called the body. This is true for all living bodies and done so according to Universal Intelligence. It is the energy that the body utilizes to maintain its existence on Earth, it is the energy that activates and maintains LIFE in physical form and therefore, is the energy responsible for the creation of life as well as every function done within the body to maintain life… healing, regulating, adapting.

To be continued...

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