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The Power Within

Hello Friend! We want you to remember that within you is a power that is greater than any stress and most certainly is greater than any virus but you have to have a body that is highly resistant and adaptable to the outside forces of your lifestyle and environment (the physical, emotional, and chemical stresses you have in life). This is where the chiropractic adjustment and the 5 Essentials of Health come into play. These are the five things that will keep your internal resistant forces working at their max. If your internal resistant forces are not strong enough to resist outside forces such as a virus, you are more at risk of getting sick and having disease form in your body. And this is true no matter what the outside force is: a virus, a bacteria, work stress, having a baby, using cleaners with toxic ingredients, eating out of plastic containers, falling down, sitting at your desk on a daily basis... If your body cannot keep up with what you are doing to it, it breaks down and now you are no longer living the best life you possibly can and you cannot be the best version of yourself for your family and the rest of the world. With that in mind, we want to encourage you to get extra adjustments during this time of global health crisis. If you are currently on a wellness plan, you will receive an extra adjustment on us, for free! We want you to be healthy!! Your health is our highest priority so what are we doing to protect you?

  • Getting extra adjustments

  • Thieves cleaner disinfectant is being used on the adjusting tables after each person and is being used to wipe down all surfaces frequently throughout the day

  • Thieves cleaner has been placed in each adjusting room and by the warm up equipment so you can wipe down the surfaces extra if you would like

  • Thieves is diffusing in the adjustment rooms and in the waiting area

  • Washing our hands between each person

  • Trying to space out appointments to avoid contact with others

  • Keeping people with symptoms and who are immuno-suppressed at home

  • Offering home visits to those who are uncomfortable coming into the office (please keep in mind there is only one of Dr. Brittany but she can make it work if need be)

  • Social distancing ourselves and isolation when we are not in the clinic

  • Getting extra adjustments (yes we put this twice on purpose)

  • Following our 5 Essentials of Health- eating healthy, exercising, keeping a calm and positive mindset, relieving as much stress as we can for ourselves, trusting in our innate intelligence (the life force energy within us and the power that heals us and helps us adapt to things like germs and stress), getting adjusted (here it is again!!), and minimizing toxins as much as possible

Please let us know if you are experiencing symptoms before coming into the office and try to keep a positive mindset as much as possible. We are all in this together so let us know if you need anything! We hope you stay healthy and thank you for being apart of our lives and helping us spread this proactive awareness of health to the world. Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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