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The Germ Theory

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Hello Hilltop Family,

Today, I want to touch on the Germ Theory of Disease because this is the theory that the mainstream is working off of. This is the theory that states that germs or microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa) CAUSE disease; the theory that if you are sick and I am around you- breathing in the same air, touching the same things as you- then I WILL get sick too. But we know that's not true because we all know that person who never gets sick even if they lick the same germ infested spoon you were just using to stir your throat care tea to sooth your scratchy throat. So we know then that this theory is not completely accurate and worrying about germs infecting us everywhere we go is not only tiresome and detrimental to your health (by causing emotional stress), the effort to change the outside environment to avoid germs is futile because there are billions upon billions of them in this world, including billions within our own bodies. So then, if there are billions of microbes in the world, and if the germ theory is true, why aren't we all sick, all of the time? It is because Germs do not CAUSE disease or infection nor do they CAUSE death. If they did, then yes everyone would be either sick or dead right now and that is not conducive to the expansion of life on this planet so there has to be something else, something making sure that we stay alive even with all of these germs around us. And that, my friend, is your Innate Intelligence (the healing and adapting powers you have WITHIN you).

Germs only cause a problem if the body is already sick (sick= body isn't functioning as well as it could). Dysfunction in the body means that the body does not have the necessary things it needs to stay functional (normal, optimal health); there is a lack of one or more of the 5 Essentials of Health. This lack will always cause the normal, day to day processes of the body to be dysfunctional including the normal sensing and eliminating of infectious germs by your immune system, especially if this way of living has been your entire life. And when your body can't get rid of the infectious germs, they start making themselves at home, giving the microorganism more opportunity to cultivate an infection. A lack of the 5 Essentials of any kind (even something as small as not drinking enough water throughout the day) can do this. So the microbe's infective ability only comes about as a consequence of or correlation to disease or infection and is not the actual cause of disease. Like we have been saying all along, it comes down to the strength of your immune system. If your immune system is strong, your body handles the bugs without major consequences (severe symptoms, organ failure, death- because yes this could happen if your immune system is suppressed and you get exposed to the wrong thing). Sometimes your body fights the potentially harmful germs even without symptoms.

We often forget that symptoms are there for a purpose and they aren't some inconvenient things that we need to quickly cover up with a medication. And just because we have symptoms, doesn't mean we aren't healthy. Symptoms are our bodies way of giving us information about its functional status and sometimes they are a part of a normal process in the body as in the case for the immune system response. Symptoms like fevers, runny noses, and sneezing are a necessary part of the immune system response to destroy and eliminate the germs that could lead to potential harm to the body. When we take drugs to relieve these symptoms, we actually delay and therefore lengthen the healing response (keeping you sick longer) because the microorganisms are still present in the body and can do more damage the longer they are there.

The last thing we want to talk about is masks. Many people have asked whether they should wear a mask for your safety. We encourage you to take into consideration the studies here as some of the info explains why wearing masks frequently and improperly could negatively affect the wearers health. It is always a good idea to educate yourself on all the facts and then make the best health decision for yourself. We are here to give you guidance, not to judge you or disrespect you for your decisions- whether you wear a mask or not, you will not be treated any differently here. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same reasons to wear or not wear masks so we need to show compassion and kindness when out in public.

We will be open for normal hours all next week and will continue to provide the highest outside-the-body safety measures as we can (continued hand and table cleaning between patients, frequent surface sanitation, proper social distancing when not in the office, using diffusers to purify the air) while giving you up to date, inside-the-body information to keep your Innate Intelligence running the show.

Dr. Brittany's mantra for the week: It's best to be too educated than not educated enough, even if you don't use it.

Thank you for being part of our family and we hope you are staying safe and well. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!


Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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