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Hopefully, you survived the first full week of the mask mandate. By Governor Walz' Executive Order 20-81, masks are required in all indoor spaces for persons older than 5. They may be removed during medical procedures if necessary. If you see another patient or staff member not wearing a mask, please consider they may have a medical or mental health condition that prevents them from wearing one as said persons are exempt from this order. We appreciate your cooperation and kindness. This is a place of love and healing and we want to continue that atmosphere.

Germ Theory Proved Wrong This is Masha and Dasha- Siamese twins, born in the 1950's conjoined at the hip. Between them, they had four arms, three legs, separate small intestines, shared colon and rectum, four kidneys, one bladder, shared reproductive system, shared circulatory system (the same blood supply), and separate spines and nervous systems. Now, according to the Germ Theory of disease, germs are a CAUSE of disease meaning if microorganisms get into the bloodstream they WILL cause sickness. These twins proved the Germ Theory wrong because one twin had influenza and the other didn't, one had the measles and the other one didn't, even though they shared the same blood supply. How could this be you ask? It is because it is not what gets into your blood or even into your body that determines sickness and disease. The health status of the body, and therefore the fighting power against germs, is determined by how well the nervous system is helping you heal from the things you are exposed to. The girls had separate nervous systems so they both experienced an individual healing environment because it is the nervous system that is tasked with the control of all healing in the body, not the blood. The blood just carries materials (blood cells and hormones etc) around the body to where they are needed. They proved that the strength and resilience of the human body comes down to the integrity of the nervous system, that it doesn't matter what kind of bugs are around us... as long as brain and the body are communicating without interference, the body remains healthy and doesn't get overwhelmed by the opportunistic characteristics of certain pathogens. This is true for all of us of course. As long as we practice 5 Essential self care.

So take an honest look at your life right now. Are you doing your best at your 5 essentials? Are you even doing all of them? The best place to start is with making sure you have proper nerve supply in your body with an adjustment. August New Patient Special: $50 Includes- history, spinal examination, functional scans, and x-rays if needed ($300 value). Offer good through August 31st. We will honor this price for current patients wishing to get updated scans and x-rays. Tell your friends!

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