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Hello Hilltop Family!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and were able to be mindfully present and disconnected from the chaos at least for a little bit this weekend.

Now, let's dive into more Innate mindset stuff...

Knowing what is needed for your body to be healthy is step one in having a body that is healthy and that can fight off/learn from germs and prevent chronic diseases. Step two is actually doing the work. Therefore, one of the factors of optimal health (wellness) is effort. How much effort you put into your health determines how healthy you will be. If you have a genetic predisposition to something, if you have turned on/off genes that could lead to negative health outcomes, you are at a disadvantage yes but that doesn't mean struggle and disease is set in stone in your future. All it means is you have to work a little harder to keep those genes from activating health crisis (disease, symptoms, injury) within you. This means that more proactive, 5 Essential self care work needs to be done in order to overcome that predisposition if you want to minimize your risk of developing that health crisis (at least initially to get you to the point of wellness where less effort is required to maintain optimal health). And this is true for both inherited genetic predispositions to poor health outcomes as well as what you do with your lifestyle to turn on/off DNA expression.

Basically, it comes down to this: the more negative health factors you have stacked against you (both lifestyle AND genetic),

  1. the higher chance you have for disease (infectious and chronic),

  2. the higher chance you have for developing severe symptoms,

  3. the less likely conservative treatments will work with noticeable effects (conservative treatments= chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, stretching/strengthening/physical therapy, ice/heat, essential oils, supplements, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, CBD, etc... doing nothing and allowing your body to do its Innate thing is also conservative),

  4. the higher chance you have for needing more invasive treatment (invasive treatments= taking/injecting prescription medication, over the counter remedies, as well as surgery), and

  5. the more at risk you are of dying with a disease verses a natural death.

We could list these negative health factors for days but in the end, we would conclude that it is life experience that when accumulated, puts you at risk of health crisis; either more or less depending on the type of experience, how intense it is, and how long you are exposed to it (this includes the life experience of your parents before you were conceived). And we can whittle all life experience down to three stresses that are destructive universal forces, meaning they have the ability to take away from your Innate powers of self-healing and adapting and cause dysfunction in the body that could lead to health problems, both seen and unseen:

  1. Physical (traumas)

  2. Chemical (toxins)

  3. Emotional (thoughts)

These are the world environmental signals the cell membrane of your nervous system cells respond to in order to alter DNA expression when adaptation needs to take place in your body to keep you healthy and alive, as we have talked about previously. Obviously, there are negative and positive signals out there in the world with the negative experiences adding more points to the at risk side of the score board. Again, depending on the type, intensity, and duration of exposure of each insult. Therefore, all three have the ability to turn on/off genes that can then get passed to future generations but we won't get into that now.

Then playing tug of war on the opposite side of things, it ALSO comes down to this: the more positive health factors you have stacked for you (both lifestyle AND genetic),

  1. the more your risk for disease decreases (both infectious and chronic),

  2. the more your risk for developing severe symptoms decreases,

  3. the more the conservative treatments work with noticeable effects (because the less invasive treatments work better when your body has what it needs to function properly),

  4. the more your risk for needing invasive treatments decreases, and

  5. the more your risk of dying with a disease decreases.

So what stacks the health deck in your favor? Maximum effort with your proactive, 5 Essential self care... starting with your Innate based mindset. That is why I share this information with you. If you're only given one side of the story, informed choice doesn't exist any more and you then become a sheep that blindly follows the crowd and what the scary wolf (Big Pharma and its paid cohorts in the mainstream media) tells you; even if it will harm you more than it will help you. I don't want that for you. I want you to be empowered with your health and since knowledge is power, the more information the better in my opinion... that way, you can choose what is best FOR YOURSELF!

Most mainstream healthcare isn't interested in teaching you how to take responsibility for yourself. They would rather us to be reliant on them because that is where the money is. Believe me or not but Big Pharma and the mainstream actually does things on purpose to make us sick so they can sell us more "solutions" that in turn make us even more sick and so on and so on the cycle goes (why do you think we have the unhealthiest country in the industrialized world when we should be number one with how much money we spend in healthcare?). You can see how this contributes to the at risk side of things.

I want you to know that you are in control of your own health. You heal yourself. My job as a chiropractic doctor is to 1. find and remove subluxations that are affecting your Innate Intelligence and 2. educate you on what Innate is and how to support it. The mainstream won't tell you this, nor will you get this information from anywhere else really so I hope you're finding it helpful to your growth.

Whether it's looking for more natural ways to relieve symptoms or if you have joined those of us on this wellness journey and are hungry for more... I am here for you, sharing the truth!

In love and light,

Dr. Brittany

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