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Hello Hilltop Family! Let's talk herd immunity today, yet another hot topic with the COVID-19 situation right now. Herd Immunity is the concept by which an infectious agent can no longer spread across a population because a sufficiently large percentage of individuals have immunity, either from a history of exposure to the wild-type (naturally occurring) version of the infectious agent, or due to acquired immunity from vaccination with a vaccine (man made) designed to protect against the wild-type. From an individual perspective, herd immunity can give protection to someone who is not immune therefore, it is sought in part due to concern over those who are immuno-compromised because they are more likely to contract a circulating pathogen in a population. Either through natural immunity or through vaccination, sufficient herd immunity can bring the rate of transmission of a pathogen to 0, with immune individuals collectively acting as a barrier to the spread until it "burns out" because if enough people are resistant, the bug has no where to go.That is the idea behind creating herd immunity anyways- the more people that create memory immune cells, the less chance an immuno-compromised person will contract a pathogen. So by creating herd immunity, we can protect those who cannot protect themselves. Herd Immunity and COVID-19 We want you to think about what is currently happening to protect those who are immuno-compromised. There is really no talk about creating herd immunity. Instead, there is really only talk about locking healthy people down and forcing healthy people to wear masks (notice the word healthy) which, as we have already discussed, we know will NOT help keep immune systems strong and therefore will not establish herd immunity from this disease. And without herd immunity, immuno-compromised individuals will always be at more risk, even with other precautions that we may take. We think that herd immunity is totally doable if everyone understood these things:

  1. Symptoms are not the problem. Symptoms like fevers and coughs are the eliminating parts of the immune response, not some inconvenient things in our lives. Don't get us wrong, they do affect our quality of life and yes that sucks when it happens, but for most people, this virus doesn't cause death (the death rate is less than 0.2% or looking at it in a positive way, there is a 99.8% chance of survival) and 80% of the time, this virus doesn't even produce a single symptom (because those people are healthy). We don't know about you, but we would rather have a lingering cough that lasts a few days than be dead... just one way to look at it. Remember that your body can heal itself through your innate intelligence, provided you give it everything it needs to do so. So instead of being scared of symptoms, be empowered that your health is expressing its self because that is what symptoms mean; they are part of the normal way your body reacts to infectious agents. And even more normal than that is no symptoms at all from having a excellent first line of defense (your innate immunity). Side note: Even non COVID-19 symptoms like low back pain and constipation are a good thing because they are your warning signals, similar to how the change oil light in your car signals that it's time to change the oil before your car blows up. They tell you that something isn't working right in your body, that your innate healing and adapting powers have broken down and are not functioning optimally, that you are not providing your body with the essential things it needs to stay healthy and feel good. We know this is a huge mindset shift for some of you but thinking this way does make any symptom time less sucky (it's all about the attitude).

  2. A strong immune system comes from the inside. Providing your body with the 5 things it needs to be healthy creates a strong immune system. To refresh your memory, The 5 Essentials= proper nerve supply, clean nutrition, oxygen and lean muscle, minimized toxin exposure, and a positive healing, unconditional love (for both self and others) mindset. A strong immune system means that you either don't have symptoms or get mild symptoms for a short period of time and there is less chance of death or severe and prolonged symptoms- which is what happens when the immune system is not so strong. It also means that you create memory cells better and faster if you do get exposed to the virus so you can participate in herd immunity to protect your loved ones better than a mask and social distancing could ever do on their own.

  3. Separation of the healthy and waiting for a vaccine is not a good enough answer. It takes time (several years usually) to develop and test a vaccine and we have never been able to successfully create a vaccine for a coronavirus (a group of RNA viruses that includes SARS-CoV2 which is the virus that can cause COVID-19) before. Social distancing and isolation of healthy people until a vaccine is available is basically asking us to live in a bubble and avoid the things that make us human and give our lives meaning until this "magic potion" that may not work (if this is anything like the flu) and that could be unsafe is ready. And what if this is going to be a yearly thing like the common flu is? Are we expected to live in that bubble half of the year every year until a vaccine does come available? Some things to think about. But people are dying now. By the time we get a vaccine, we could achieve herd immunity over and over if only we practiced proper, 5 Essential self care and were allowed to live our normal lives.

So this is where you come in... We have been sharing all of this amazing information about the immune system for the past 4 months now, we hope you are taking action on what you learn; using it to help yourself and your family be healthy and sharing it with everyone you know. That is why we are here and do this for you after all; guidance, action, success is our tag line for a reason. And it has all been leading up to this: if we want a healthier body, a healthier family, a healthier community... if we want a healthier world... then we need to take action for ourselves. It's not enough to learn about it, you actually have to do something (not talking about wearing a mask here) to make it work and to make a difference. Not just for you and your own life but for everyone surrounding you. And it's not just about preventing sickness, spread love and joy that is within you as well. The world needs more of that!!

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Upcoming Classes Use Thieves to Kick Chemicals to the Curb. June 23 at 8PM via Zoom. Be green clean with Thieves. At this class, you will learn about this non-toxic cleaner that not only creates a germ-free environment, but how effective it is for every room in the house. Make and Take Birthday Party. June 27 at 4 PM. $30 for the supplies and includes a free NingXia drink ticket. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.... ok so it's not our birthday but it is Sheila's from Our Health Homes! And she wants to celebrate by sharing some (surprise) items that you can DIY with essential oils.

Thank you for being part of our family and we can't wait to see you if you have been in isolation. Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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