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Power On, Garth!

Hello Hilltop Family! Yes, we referenced Wayne's World (for those of you who know that movie!) to bring a little humor to your life today. Hope you laughed with us! Today, we want to refresh your memory on what the characteristics of a normal cell and an abnormal cell are because if we want to do our best job at strengthening the immune system, we need to know what it requires:

So the first thing we want you to recognize is that if you do not provide your body with the things your cells need to be normal (healthy), they WILL adapt and transition into abnormal cells (disease). This is part of your Innate Intelligence, your internal healing and adapting power that always wants to keep you alive and will do anything to make it so (Extreme example: If your Innate didn't do that, you would be dead just from eating something that has too much sugar in it). In the case of your immune system cells, if you don't provide your body with what it needs, those cells don't respond as quickly (if at all in some cases) which leaves your immune system weak and you at a higher risk for sickness and disease. Let's talk about nerve supply first. The Nervous System

  • This is the control center of how your entire body works, including your immune system.

  • A set of communication wires that carry Innate driven information (called nerve supply or nerve impulse) between the brain and the body

  • Proper nerve supply is essential for the normal functioning of ALL of your cells- nerve supply activates the cells to do their specific jobs (Power On!)

  • Main job of the nervous system is to maintain balance within the body by helping you adapt to what you do to it with your lifestyle and the environment as directed by your Innate Intelligence. Thus keeping you alive.

  • Functional information flows from the brain, down the spinal cord, out the nerves (which come through the spine), to the cells of all your organs, glands, and muscles telling them to do something, causing the body to regulate itself.

  • Sensory information flows from the cells of the body back up the nerves and spinal cord to the brain telling the brain about the status of the cell(s) and to signal the brain to send functional messages back to the body in response.

  • This constant communication between the brain and the body is absolutely necessary for the expression of your Innate intelligence, the normal functioning of the body. Which is why it is one of the 5 Essentials of Health.

The Spine

  • Main job is to protect the nervous system.

  • In order for nerve supply to flow at 100%, the spine cannot deviate from its normal alignment- 3 curves when you look at it from the side and straight when you look at it from the back- and every single bone needs to move.

  • Dr Brittany's specialty is to create a spine that looks like this if it isn't which is why she prefers using x-rays to adjust off of. The more specific your adjustment is, the more nerve flow is restored.


  • A misplaced, stuck bone in the spine which compresses the spinal cord and nerves. This prevents the proper nerve flow and communication between the brain and the body.

  • Cause long term effects if not corrected: symptoms (not always, only after the subluxation has been there a while), malfunctioning of organs/glands/muscles (sometimes irreversible), and arthritis including forward head posture development (sometimes irreversible).

  • In the case of the immune system, subluxations could lead to a suppressed reaction on any side of the equation. It could cause the immune system cells to respond slowly to the foreign substance once it enters the body, it could decrease the memory capability to remember that substance, and it could diminish the ability of the body to destroy and eliminate the substance.

  • Are often silent, meaning there are no symptoms involved usually (unless the subluxation has been in the spine for a long period of time). As part of the Innate Intelligence of the body, self-healing is usually attempted first before a warning sign is deployed as a symptom so you recognize that there is a problem and you can then provide your body with something outside of it to help you heal. (symptoms= warning sign/signal of a problem with the normal functioning of the body).

  • The cause of subluxations is not having a body that is highly resistant to life stress. Life stress includes: physical stress (traumas), emotional stress (thoughts), and chemical stress (toxins). Below are some examples of each of these stresses (keep in mind, there are many many many more than those I listed).

  • Physical stress: being born (both natural and intervention births), pregnancy, accidents/injuries (auto, work, falls, sports), repetitive motions (technology use, work positioning, recreational activities)

  • Emotional stress: negative thinking and emotions (worry, fear, frustration, anger), limiting beliefs and programming (I can'ts, feeling unworthy, comparing self to others, judgement, feeling lack), stressful situations/events that are both one time and daily (financial troubles, moving, school events, planning a wedding, having a baby, holidays, epidemics).

  • Chemical stress: in the air (paint fumes, car fumes, cleaning products, perfume), in our homes (teflon, plastic, unfiltered water, mold, flame retardants on furniture), on our skin (personal care products like deodorant, clothing, bedding), in our mouth (pesticides, sugar, preservatives, GMOs, medications, alcohol), injected into our bodies (vaccinations, medications).

  • The thing about these three stresses is 1. we have them every day as this is life and 2. most of the time they go unnoticed by us. So these stresses can cause subluxations without us knowing about it. Note: this is why it is so important to get your spine checked for subluxations on a regular (weekly or every other week) basis even if you have no symptoms... you have these three stresses every single day.

So subluxations can lead to a weakened immune system. The only thing that can remove a subluxation, thereby restoring the motion of the spine and therefore the proper nerve flow of the body, is an adjustment. If your spine is not in that normal alignment we talked about before, more than likely your immune system is being compromised in some way, probably without you knowing. So the first thing that you can do to strengthen your immune system (by restoring proper function of the nervous system) is to get very specific adjustments, like the ones Dr. Brittany does for you (if you have x-rays). We hope you are sharing what you learn with everyone you know because that is how we shift the mindset of the people to a more proactive one and that is how we create a healthier world. Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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