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Office Policies- Updated 7-27-20

We help people build and maintain strong immune systems here in this clinic. Dr. Brittany has sworn to protect you and guide you to achieve optimal health and does her best every day to do so. It is, after all, her purpose on this planet and so right now, she is sick to her stomach (downright disgusted actually) with the message that is has been being spread about health by the mainstream media and some public health officials. They are lying to you: telling you that your body can't handle something as simple as a virus on its own, that you can't prevent it without taking fearful measures, telling you that the ONLY way to stop this virus is by basically living in a bubble and to keep doing this until a vaccine is available. But they got it all WRONG... they are looking in the wrong place (or have some sort of agenda behind the whole thing, which has happened similarly in the past) so it's no surprise we haven't reached herd immunity to make this disappear yet just like cancer rates are still on the rise even though President Nixon basically declared war on it in the 70/80's but yet we still haven't found a "cure"... we are going about it the wrong way: we are looking at putting something outside of ourselves into or on the body to help it heal and protect it instead of focusing on the internal healing environment (which is where health comes from) and changing and correcting what actually causes the problem in the first place, a suppressed immune system. And unless you find and correct the cause, the problem will continue.

You can still get exposed to the SARS-COV2 virus even if you social distance/wear a mask and you can still expose others even if you social distance/wear a mask if you yourself are infected. Only if you are infected though so asymptomatic people- AKA the uninfected healthy people- should not and don't have to wear masks ever (the benefits don't outweigh the risks). But yet the healthy are being forced to wear masks even though they pose no risk to the population. In fact, healthy people can help achieve herd immunity which is needed and will make more of a difference than mask mandates and lockdowns will to slow the spread of this virus, as we have seen it work in the past with things much deadlier than this. The difference between someone developing COVID-19 vs not is determined by the strength of the immune system of the individual. How strong the immune system is can make all the difference between no symptoms, mild symptoms, severe symptoms, and death as well as how long symptoms last for (remember symptoms are not your enemy!). Strong immune systems are not developed and maintained by taking measures that create an opportunity for us to turn against one another (talking about mask shaming here) and dive deeper into separation as a human collective. Strong immune systems come from WITHIN the body but the current pandemic narrative peddled by the mainstream media has us living in fear of something that isn't even alive and has a 99% recovery rate from. Something the human body can totally heal and prevent without outside help but it is something we do have a viable treatment for (otherwise we wouldn't have so many severe symptom people recovering). Again, recovery is dependent on the strength of the immune system. So why the fear mongering and making it seem like this is worse than what it is?

We want to change the narrative because if we keep going at this rate and if we keep doing what we are doing, we are looking at more sickness, more conflict, more separation, more fear in our future. Keep in mind that the DEATH rate of this virus is less than 0.2%. The number of cases really don't matter because 99% recover without residual damage (at least that's what the current research says, more studies are needed to determine long term damage if any). If we are so worried about the cases then we should be just as worried about the number of cases of cancer or heart disease or even the number of children that go missing every year but we're not. Not like this. So why are we so afraid? Why are we letting other people dictate our health? Why are we expecting and waiting for something outside of us to heal us when we can heal ourselves all on our own? Really, it's the people who could potentially die that should be worried- those who are immuno-compromised- and who should do more to prevent infection as they should with everything else that's contagious. But the thing is, if you don't follow your 5 Essentials to your max, you are technically immuno-compromised. Not in the fact that you have full blown cancer or anything like that but your immune system is suppressed because you are not providing your body with its requirements to stay strong.

Therefore, in order to help keep you healthy and maintain the safety of the people around you, please note the following office policy changes:

  1. Hit the love button. Before entering the clinic, press the love button and think about someone you love or something you are grateful for. Gratitude instantly raises your vibration to get you to a healthier mindset so you are better ready for your adjustment. This will also help boost your immune system.

  2. Keep judgement and negativity outside please. This is a place of love and healing so please be respectful of others as well as limit your own negative self talk. Positive thinking and love toward yourself and your fellow man boosts your immune system. Some people are exempt from the mask requirement due to medical and mental health reasons so please keep that in mind.

  3. No sugar allowed. This means no sugary drinks (pop, juice, sports drinks, energy drinks, etc), cookies, cakes, crackers, etc. Sugar suppresses your nervous system and immune system.

  4. Stop at the sanitation station. If you choose to wear a mask (which are NOT required if you have a health condition that prevents you from wearing one), stop at the front desk for a spritz of Thieves on the inside and outside to kill the germs you've been accumulating from your exhales and hands touching it prior to coming in. This will help minimize you spreading these germs to others and re-breathing in these germs through your nose that could travel to and infect the brain and lungs more readily (this is even more true with kids because their blood brain barrier isn't completely formed). Not to mention to give you a mini breather to replenish your oxygen which is depleted within seconds when you wear a mask. Of course, take a pump of our homemade hand sanitizer if you wish.

Dr. Brittany cannot wear a mask due to physical and mental health conditions (she is claustrophobic and due to her sinus issue growing up, she can't breathe regularly normally- especially when it's humid outside). Less anxiety and more oxygen for her means more focus on you. And she has a pretty strong immune system so it's really not necessary for your protection anyways; she is already protecting you by keeping her immune system strong (can't pass it on if you don't get it).

And to refresh your memory about what we are doing personally to maintain strong immune systems to protect you:

  1. Getting adjusted (Dr. Brittany gets adjusted twice a week right now- not because she has pain or symptoms but because she wants to maintain a high level of health and this is the main thing she does for stress relief).

  2. Eating clean food (whole, fresh, organic, non-GMO, minimizing sugar and processed food).

  3. Taking supplements (fish oil, double dose of vitamin D, fruits and greens/antioxidant, double dose of probiotics, and multi. Dr. Brittany also takes a B complex to aid in stress reduction).

  4. Drinking water (half body weight in oz every day).

  5. Minimizing toxins (avoiding antibacterial soaps/hand sanitizers[just using normal soap and Thieves hand sanitizer], avoiding toxins on the ingredients to avoid list, detoxing).

  6. Exercising daily (right now, Dr. Brittany is doing Insanity workouts four times a week, walking outside every day weather permitting, and doing her nightly stretch/yoga routine).

  7. Reducing stress naturally (Dr. Brittany meditates twice a day, does other energy management things, journals, reads, and has venting moments with her friends sometimes).

  8. Having an Innate mindset (we understand how the body works and trust that our body's Innate Intelligence knows what to do at all points).

  9. Avoiding public places if we can and utilizing the pick up option at the grocery store (Dr. Brittany is part introvert so she doesn't go anywhere usually anyways besides to escape to the cabin on the weekends).

Along with what we are doing in the office to protect you:

  1. Hand washing and table cleaning in between patients.

  2. Thieves in the diffusers in the adjusting rooms and waiting area (eliminates 99% of germs in the air).

  3. Surface wipe downs at regular intervals (at least once per morning and afternoon blocks but does happen more often than that). Includes door handles, light switches, sink faucets, pens, etc- things that lots of people touch.

  4. Trying to space out appointments, however it does get difficult some times with just one Hilltop team member in the office at the moment. So if you don't feel comfortable with others in the office, let us know.

  5. Home visits when necessary. Dr. Brittany has the ability to come to you if you still feel uncomfortable going out and about.

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