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Not Like a Chicken With It's Head Cut Off...

It has come to my attention that many of you think that I am suggesting that chiropractic ALONE can prevent disease. Let me clarify this for you because while chiropractic, or restoring and maintaining proper nerve supply, is number one Essential (requirement) of optimal health, it is not the only part of our health we need to be proactive with in order to prevent disease. Proper nerve supply is the first Essential of Health because without it, without proper communication between the brain and the body, the body won't know what to do number one and number two, it won't stay healthy.

Let's refresh your memory on some things. Depicted here is a diagram of the nervous system, which is the body's power and information source, controlling and coordinating every part and process in the body. Notice how it's completely wired. Literal energy and information (Innate Intelligence) travel from the brain through these wires; through the spinal cord which resides in the center of the spinal column, and nerves which pass through the spine to get to the tissues of the body (organs, blood vessels, glands, and muscles). This provides the tissues of the body with energy and information on what is needed for them to work right and to adapt to the different situations you get yourself in, to your lifestyle, and to the environment around you plus more. This is how the body functions. And function is different and separate from our senses (pain, temperature, touch, etc) so we cannot rely on our senses to know the function of the body. I am going to be a bit dramatic for a second to illustrate how important this system is... What would happen if I chopped off your head? You would die. Silly follow up question, when would you be dead? Immediately. So we need to have a brain that is attached to our body to be alive. Okay that's obvious but what if I severed your spinal cord at around the level of your belly button? For those of you not familiar with neuroanatomy, think about someone who is paralyzed from the waist down. The top half of the body would still live and function but not the bottom half which means no working bladder, no working reproductive system, and no working muscles in the legs, lower back and abdomen. So this tells us that we need the brain to communicate with the parts of the body in order for them to work and be alive. Now, instead of completely severing the spinal cord, what if I could reach into the body and compress the nerve that goes to let's say the heart, pinching off the nerve supply to it (think kink in garden hose), what would happen to the heart? Immediately not much because the problem hasn't been there for very long. But if that pressure was left on that nerve for a long period of time (most of the time years but in some cases in just months) the limited amount of nerve supply the heart is receiving would cause more abnormal cells to form instead of healthy ones and the heart would become more and more dysfunctional. Reason being is because nerve supply is a REQUIREMENT of healthy cells to stay healthy. If they don't get that normal amount (100%) of nerve supply, then they adapt to the situation in order to keep you alive and transform into abnormal cells- which are cells that can live without nerve supply but are not as efficient as healthy cells. These new cells are called disease cells or cancer cells and we call this a state of dis-ease in the body but it's not full blown disease yet. That comes when nerve supply is restricted to the cells long enough that there are more abnormal cells than there are normal ones. Only then can we can pick up on the insert name of disease here with a test of some sort or we experience symptoms. But we can be forming disease long before we feel it or see it on any blood test, x-ray, mammogram, MRI, colonoscopy... on a diagnostic test. Side note: we don't feel the disease process most of the time therefore, diagnostic tests are the only way to measure function and the silent long term effects of subluxations like arthritis to see how healthy the body really is (remember function is the real determinant of health, not how you feel). That's why we do functional scans which measure the amount of nerve flow to the body tissues and x-rays to view the spinal structure. We don't guess with your health here. This is why it is EXTREMELY important to be proactive with your healthcare and part of that is getting regular chiropractic adjustments. Because subluxations, or misalignments in the spine, put pressure on the nerves and cause the limitation of nerve supply to the body like we discussed with our heart example (this is why subluxations are a CAUSE of disease). And chiropractic adjustments remove subluxations and in some cases the long term effects of subluxations, thus restoring the nerve supply to the body and allowing more health to happen and more disease to be prevented. Especially the specific, corrective adjustments I use that are based on x-rays. I recommend wellness patients (people who have correct spinal structure and a high functioning nervous system and want to maintain it) get adjusted weekly but at the absolute very least once every other week; studies have shown that once in correct structural position, the spine can only hold it's alignment for 2 weeks max- unless you have no stress (which who doesn't). If you don't have correct spinal structure (meaning you haven't completed the posture correction program we offer, and want to see if you would qualify), email us back or call us 651-452-7141 and we can help you begin that health journey! Of course getting adjusted only when you're in pain is beneficial but not to prevent disease. More adjustments are required for that. But like I said, chiropractic and having proper nerve supply is only one piece of the health puzzle. You also have to eat healthy food, exercise, minimize as many toxins as possible, and have a positive, innate based mindset about health and life. So stay tuned next week for some how to's with your nutrition where we will give you some things you can implement right now to better your health and prevent disease.

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