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Normal Cycle of Life Expression

Hello Hilltop Family! Each cell in the body has a purpose, a specific job so to speak that maintains the life of the body as directed by Innate Intelligence, the inborn intelligence that keeps matter (in this case your body but this intelligence is also in every other living being on this planet) actively organized (alive). The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt some of the forces and matter of the universe in a constructive manner... meaning it helps you adapt to the world you are in every moment of your life and it does so to the absolute 100% best of it's ability, 100% of the time (even when the body is dysfunctional, it's still giving 100%). This Innate Intelligence is a finite portion of the larger, infinite Universal Intelligence (God, source energy, supreme being, nature... what ever you call it)... the energy that permeates all space and matter, which creates and governs all things both material and immaterial. Groups of specialized cells are called organs, muscles, connective tissues, glands, and vessels (what are called tissue cells minus the cells of the brain and nervous system as these are called brain cells and nervous system cells respectively). The specialized cells collectively known as the brain are in charge of regulating every other cell in the body, meaning the brain controls and coordinates every cell’s actions in order to adapt to the outside world… to sustain life, again as directed by Innate Intelligence. The brain communicates with the tissue cells by sending and receiving nerve supply (also called nerve impulses, mental impulses, or mental forces) through the specialized cells of the nervous system. This nerve supply is a form of energy and is necessary to animate and control the tissues of the body as it provides the information necessary to do so (it’s the difference between a living being and a corpse.. a corpse still has all it’s tissues cells but there are no mental forces moving through the body to make them work; it’s just an inanimate object at that point like a chair is). Therefore, nerve supply is one requirement of life as we cannot live without it for even a single second (think about what would happen if I chopped off your head with an axe). Nerve supply is distributed to the tissue cells from the brain through functional nerves in order for the cells to express whatever information is being passed to them. The condition and actions of the tissue cells are reported to the brain through nerve supply that passes through sensory nerves. This is the normal cycle of life expression and can be depicted by a safety pin (see diagram). Obviously, it's more complicated than that but we won't get into that now. So in order to have optimal health (what is called wellness) this normal cycle of nerve supply cannot be interfered with in any way, there cannot be any disruptions in the energy getting to or from the brain.

Subluxation (a misplaced vertebrae with restriction of joint motion) in the spine causes such disruptions and limit the amount of wellness in the body because they put pressure on the nerves that pass through the spine. They do so either mechanically (physically) from physical and emotional stresses in our life or chemically (inflammation) from emotional and chemical stresses. Either way, this affects the amount of nerve supply passing between the brain and the body, thus affecting the communication and therefore the expression of Innate Intelligence throughout the body. Because the nervous system regulates the body according to information Innate Intelligence gets from our material, 3D world through our five senses as well as from the immaterial world (the intangible things like sound waves and certain light frequencies), if our regulatory function is limited by subluxations, Innate Intelligence is also limited... and wellness therefore is limited as well. A chiropractic adjustment is the only thing that removes subluxations and restores the normal nerve supply between the brain and the body which then again allows for maximal expression of Innate Intelligence. That is why I always recommend adjustments first when it comes to treating and preventing well anything. Because without proper nerve supply, it doesn't matter how much healthy food you eat, how much exercise you do, or what medication you take for the problem... if the brain cannot communication well with the body, there will always be dysfunction. Hence why chiropractic care and proper spinal hygiene is one of your Essentials of Health. In love and light, Dr. Brittany

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