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Microscopic Humans

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Nerd alert warning:

I am going to go into some of the science here on Epigenetics, so please bare with me, I promise it's worth it. We are diving into the Innate, automatic things your body does that you are not aware of that are keeping you alive but more specifically, into how your lifestyle over your genetics has a bigger role at increasing AND decreasing your risk of health crisis (disease, symptoms, injury). Knowing this is part of having an Innate based mindset, an essential to your health, but in order for you to understand it completely, we have to back up to high school for a second...

The Cell: the microscopic human that creates the complete/total human

While we humans appear to be made of one single entity, we are in fact made of trillions of individual cells. Each doing their own specialized thing, each working according to Innate Intelligence. Our cells are smart... individually, as groups (organs and tissues), and as a community (the total human being). Individually, every cell has the functional equivalent of our total human's nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system, endocrine system, muscle and skeletal system, circulatory system, integument (skin), reproductive system, and primitive immune system. Each cell actively seeks out environments that support their survival while simultaneously avoiding toxic or hostile ones. They analyze thousands of stimuli from the microenvironment (the environment within the body) that they inhabit and are capable of learning through these environmental experiences. Each cell is then able to create cellular memories from these experiences, which get passed to their cellular offspring (part of the normal life of a cell is replication). All of these characteristics of individual cells, the total human has/does as well (which makes sense since we are made up of these individual cells). Also, every cell has embedded within it the specific genetic code (the instruction manual if you would) that enables it to carry out its specific function(s). We will talk about what genes actually are and how they really work in a future article. Of course, every individual cell has certain requirements to stay alive and healthy (normal). Groups of cells that have similar coding comprise of the tissues of the body (the different organs, glands, muscles). For example, the role of reading and responding to environmental (both external and internal) stimuli falls to the group of specialized cells that form the tissues and organs of the nervous system.

Working in groups and in a community like this has a survival advantage: it allows the individual cells to do more with less energy (teamwork), which offers the total human a better quality of life because the body is working more efficiently. And as we know, a more efficient body is a healthy body because Innate expression (the inborn, life-force intelligence) is maximal and optimized. Therefore, health really comes down to the cooperation and clear communication between individual cells or cellular harmony as well as cooperation between human cells and non-human cells (microorganisms, plants, animals) or inter-organism harmony or symbiosis. Of course there are certain things that keep the cells in harmony (=normal, healthy) within themselves and with each other as well as things that create disharmony (=abnormal, dis-ease). Not having a correct spinal structure or being subluxated creates disharmony in both kinds of cellular relationships because the nervous system is what reads the outer and inner environment stimuli and sends messages (information, communication and energy=nerve supply) to the other cells within body to stimulate their specific genetic code, their inner knowing of what to do and how to respond or Innate Intelligence. Therefore, nerve impulse or nerve supply is one of the microenvironmental stimuli the cell responds to and is also one of the requirements of cells to stay healthy. Normal nerve supply= normal cellular responses and less than optimal nerve supply= dysfunctional cellular responses because there is a lack of harmony and communication between the cells of the nervous system and the other cells of the body. Being in fight or flight mode also creates disharmony in both kinds of relationships because it disrupts the functions of the cells in charge of repairing and healing the body (the parasympathetic response), making having a balanced stress response another requirement of healthy cells. And finally, a lack of proper nutrients and oxygen as well as too many toxins are yet other microenvironmental stimuli that can create disharmony between cells both human and non-human alike by causing the epigenetic changes we will talk about later.

We talked about how love is one of the basic programs of all humans in a previous article... well cellular harmony and inter-organism harmony is the energy of love on the human/3D/physical/material level giving that love program life...the alignment between Universal Intelligence (God, nature) and Innate Intelligence (the physical body) or universal love. The better cellular harmony/communication, or higher vibration/frequency, the more love is present within the body and the more love is present between you and the beings of Earth (the microorganisms, plants, animals). Therefore, when you provide your cells with the healthy things they require (though the 5 Essentials of Health), your cellular harmony is higher- bringing you closer to that absolute love state which not only keeps you and your relationship with the world healthy but also brings you closer to God/Universal Intelligence/divine power and love.

This of course goes against the Darwinian theory that cells are suppose to struggle and compete to stay alive which carries over into total human interactions... you know, survival of the fittest. This way of thinking has created a world that thinks it needs to compete in order to survive let alone thrive and there's not enough of anything, including love, to go around. That is not our basis as beings on Earth at all! We are meant to live in harmony, not only within ourselves but with others on this planet as well as with the planet itself.

Next week, we will continue our discussion on epigenetics, lifestyle vs genetic causes and correlations of disease.

In love and light,

Dr. Brittany

P.S. I want to remind you that I am constantly researching and trying to stay as up to date as I can with all things health as well as the COVID-19 situation and will continue to share with you the holistic, proactive truth about health so you can have all of the information you need to make the most informed decision for yourself and your family. Remember, what you hear/read on the mainstream media is only one perspective and often times their message is dripping with false or exaggerated information to scare you on purpose (this is not new). Please don't hesitate to ask me questions since there seems to be an extraordinary amount of conflicting information out there and lots of it has a political tint to it unfortunately.

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