Luck (and your genetics) has nothing to do with it

Have you ever heard someone say “my grandpa had cancer so I probably will get cancer too” or “my mother had migraines… heart disease… diabetes... so I will probably have it too at some point in my life”? This way of thinking has crippled so many Americans into not taking care of themselves because they assume that they can’t do anything about their genetics. I want to share with you the truth: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SLAVE TO YOUR GENETICS!!!! Yes I yelled it, because we don’t hear it enough. Disease doesn’t happen because you have DNA similar to your ancestors. If that were true, every one of us on this planet would have a disease or two. But we don’t because more so than genetics, it is our lifestyle that determines if we form a disease or not. It even determines how susceptible to injuries we are. Through the study of Epigentics (lifestyle), we have found that our DNA can change- that it isn’t a fixed structure as previously thought. Genes CAN be turned off and on depending on the environment we put our bodies in. Enter the 5 Essentials to health. These five things give us exactly everything that our bodies need to be and stay healthy and if there is a lack of one or more of these, the body breaks down and this is when disease and injuries happen. These are the lifestyle things that can turn certain genes on and turn others off (for example, cancer genes).

When we think about what we need to survive, we think of 3 things: food, water, and air. Let’s focus on air right now. Our nervous system is responsible for how and when we breathe, it speeds up or slows down our breathing in the necessary situations (think of being chased by something), and it regulates how much oxygen enters the cells so the cells can use it as an energy source. So your nervous system is what is keeping you alive right now. Therefore, making sure your nervous system is running optimally is essential number 1. If you don’t have 100% of the nerve messages going to your lungs, part of the instructions your brain always gives your lungs isn’t heard, so your lungs won’t know when to breathe, how to breathe, when to adapt to being chased by something, when to adapt to sitting quietly, how much oxygen gets spread around the body to the cells... This is not genetics. This is life. And if you allow this to continue, eventually the cells start looking for other fuel sources (sugar) and when this happens, our cells are no longer called Healthy. These cells are then called Cancer cells. This is also not genetics but is another fact of life. Making sure your brain is fully communicating with your body is a lifestyle effort- it is something you choose to do for yourself. Same with nutrition and exercise as well as your mindset and what kind of/ how much toxins you are exposed to (all essentials to health, all lifestyle). Now, we may have the genetic predisposition for let’s say lung cancer but these genes are just the blueprints, the rough draft outline if you would. But just because we have these blueprints, doesn’t mean they can’t be changed. With different lifestyle changes such as getting adjusted, eating healthy, and a positive mindset, these cancer genes can be shut off. So you see, genetics have nothing to do with how healthy you are and they are not the sole factors in determining if you will get a disease or not. This is good news because now, you don’t have to sit and wait for disease to happen; you can be proactive with your health!

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