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Lions, Tigers, and Toxins, Oh My!

Hello Friend! We want to provide you with some resources on minimizing the toxins in your life today. Toxins are every where: in the air both inside and outside; in the things we use like beauty/personal care products as well as cleaning and kitchen products; and those that are present in the food that we eat as well as other things we ingest. And unfortunately, not all of the toxins we are exposed to get eliminated through our detoxification systems. Instead, they get stored in the fat cells of our body causing two potential problems. One, resistance to weight loss and two, suppression of the nervous system as the nervous system is completely made of fat cells. When toxins get stored in the nervous system, it acts like a clog in a sink, preventing the communication between the brain and the body. Therefore, chemical stress (toxins) is a cause of subluxation and can cause all sorts of health problems including a lot of the sensitives and autoimmune diseases we are seeing more of in recent years and in younger kids. So in order to be completely healthy, we want to minimize the amount of toxins in our lives (minimize because we can't eliminate them all) AND cleanse our bodies of the toxins the body cannot get rid of on its own. How can we minimize toxins? Check out the topics below. By the way, we are still open and will continue to remain open so we can help keep you healthy from all the stress- chemical along with physical and emotional. Essential Oils

  • Essential oils are a great, non-toxic way to not only treat symptoms but prevent symptoms.

  • No side effects like medications

  • Work with the Innate Intelligence of the body to help you heal and be healthy

  • Can be used for healing, cleaning, and other beneficial ways.

  • We have partnered with Our Healthy Homes to help provide you with resources and tools to make the switch to toxin free living. You can also check them out on Facebook

  • We are also planning on doing some classes with Sheila of Our Healthy Homes, go here to choose what topics you are interested in learning more about.

EWG (Enviornmental Working Group)

  • EWG.org

  • Provides you with healthy alternatives to some of the most toxic things in our homes and outside environment

  • Includes information on minimizing toxins in your kitchen, with your cleaning, and your personal care products plus more!

  • They even have a section on COVID-19 specific information.

Thank you for being a part of our lives and helping us spread the word on proactive health. We are in this together but in order for the country to be whole, we need to be whole as individuals first. So keep up with your self care and we will get through this! And in case you missed it or don't like our Facebook page, Dr. Brittany was on a radio show last week. Check it out here! Spring is here!! Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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