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Hello Hilltop Family! We are going to touch on Innate Intelligence for a second, reminding you of the amazingness of your body and what's happening inside of you without you being aware of it. Your Innate Intelligence is your inborn potential to heal and adapt to life. It is the life force that flows within your body, controlling the body through the nervous system. Without Innate Intelligence being expressed through the nervous system and animating your tissues, you would just be a corpse. No life once so ever. So let's bring you back to when you were one cell in your moms womb first... as one cell, obviously there's not much going on yet but because of Innate Intelligence, you just knew that from that one cell, you had to grow and divide into two cells, four cells, sixteen cells and so on until you became a complete human being with 75 trillion cells in perfect order and in perfect harmony; with everything exactly where it needs to be and working exactly how it was designed to work by the divine intelligence/power (you may call this God, Universal Intelligence, nature, or by another name). You don't have to put something into the body or tell the cell to make it grow and divide, it just knew exactly what needed to happen at the exact right time. That is Innate Intelligence. Next, we want you to think about your childhood... think about all the cuts and scrapes you may have gotten just from being a kid. Did you have to sit there and watch that cut to make it heal? Did you have to take a pill to make it go away? Did you have to constantly tell your body to heal that cut? Of course not. You just put a band-aid on it and went about your day. But your body knew exactly what needed to happen to heal that cut all on its own. That is Innate Intelligence. This is true for any type of healing the body goes through: colds, allergies, digestive problems, COVID-19... you name it, the body can heal it provided you give it the necessary things it needs to do so (the 5 Essentials). That is why wellness and proactive health care is so important- that way, your body already has what it needs to heal itself and you don't have to resort to the potentially risky medical things to aid in the healing. Okay so now think about each of your organs and the processes in your body... do you have to tell the organs to do their jobs? Do you have to talk your body through digestion? Do you have to tell your body to direct immune system cells to your lymph nodes to fight an infection? Or tell your body to release melatonin when its time to sleep? Absolutely not. Your body just keeps running and the processes keep going without you giving a single conscious thought to it, automatically. That is Innate Intelligence. And your body does like a million and one different automatic things all at once. It's crazy and amazing to think about what all the body does without you directing it or even realizing what is happening. And finally, think about what would happen if we were to lock you in a room and start the building on fire... play along with us for a second... your heart rate and blood pressure would go up, your breathing would quicken, your muscles would tense up, and your mind would start freaking out trying to figure out a way to escape. Do all of these things happen in this situation because there's something wrong with your body? No. It is your body adapting to the situation to allow you to do what is necessary to either fight, run, or hide. That is Innate Intelligence. Adaptation to your lifestyle is also part of your Innate Intelligence. If you provide your body with the 5 Essentials, your Innate Intelligence is expressed in the body at 100% and your body is optimally healthy. If you don't, your Innate Intelligence expression is diminished. Meaning there is less life flowing in your body, less of the automatic knowing of the body to work properly and more break down- which means more symptoms for you. Remember, every single cell in your body needs three things to be normal and to work optimally: nerve supply, oxygen, and to live in an alkaline environment. Cells remain normal if you provide your body with the 5 Essentials (fresh clean nutrition, plenty of exercise, minimizing as many toxins as possible, getting adjusted, getting adequate amounts of sleep, positive self talk, etc) that give your cells these three things. But if you mostly eat food with labels and lots of sugar and chemicals, don't exercise, are exposed to lots of toxins, don't get adjusted on a weekly basis if your not in correction (the body can only hold an adjustment for so long- a topic for another day), etc, your cells will transform or morph (adapt) into cells that can live in that environment and we call these abnormal or disease cells. All to keep you alive. That is Innate Intelligence. It goes both ways too: if you provide your body with the healthy things after the cells are already sick, the cells will transform back into normal cells. Hence why the body can heal from the bigger things like cancer and heart disease without going the conventional route of treatment (drugs, chemo, radiation, surgery)- again, a topic for another day. So as you can see, your Innate Intelligence keeps you alive by powering and directing your healing and adapting processes. The more Innate is expressed in your body, the more you will thrive in this life. And we are meant to thrive here on Earth, not just survive.

Office Updates

  • We are open for normal hours every day next week

  • July Promo: $50 new patient exam includes functional scans and x-rays if needed. Tell your friends!

  • Wellness Wednesday: Get 10% off all supplements on July 15th.

Upcoming Classes TESTIMONIALS & OILS!! ZOOM WITH US! Monday, July 6th 8:00 p.m. 

  • Confused about what oils to use for what?????

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  • This is a great opportunity to share with people you know that have wanted to know more about these amazing oils and have an opportunity FIRST HAND to hear everyone's stories.

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ALL THINGS ROLLER BALLS!!!! ZOOM WITH US! Wednesday, July 8th at 8:00 p.m.

  • Roller Balls are just one PART of a Wellness Lifestyle!

  • Learn how to use your Essential oils from your Premium Starter Kit!

  • Try out some of the most popular oils from your kit in ROLLER BALL form! 

  • You will get to see (virtually) how easy it is to make rollers for on-the-go use and enjoy them firsthand. 

  • Here's a sneak peek of one of the recipes we will share with you:

Muscle Love 15 drops PanAway 10 drops Peppermint Top off with carrier oil 

  • Bring a friend that doesn't know about Young Living and they could win $25.00 towards a Premium Starter Kit!!

  • Share this information so they too can get the benefits of these products. 

To register for these awesome events, visit ourhealthyhomes.com/events

We hope you have fun and stay safe while you are celebrating our country's birthday this weekend! Stay healthy, stay safe. Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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