Innate Intelligence

Updated: Mar 24

The Matter of Life

The difference between matter that is living and matter that is non-living is an Intelligence or a force (energy in motion) animating the molecules into being and allowing them to do what is needed to survive… allowing them to function without motorized parts and electricity. This is provided by the actions of proteins in the body and therefore why living things have genetic information (DNA, RNA, proteins) and the ability to “think” (lower life forms of the living don’t think as much as higher forms of the living) whereas inanimate objects do not. DNA is the blueprint that codes for life; they encode for proteins. Proteins create and power life. But we won’t get into the details of this just yet.

Dr. D.D. Palmer called this internal power of all living things Innate Intelligence. He considered this energy to be the localized and finite portion of Universal Intelligence: the infinite, Source/Supreme Intelligence pervading all space and matter, which creates and governs all things, both material and immaterial. Innate Intelligence is the part of this source energy that is contained within and assembles all living matter. It is the force behind the formation/maintenance of cells as well as the function of those cells in a living thing… it's how your body knows how everything needs to be organized and how everything needs to work.

In the body, atoms assemble to form macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and polysaccharides) which make up the physical parts of the cell. Each cell then is made up of a different combination of molecular (energetic) interactions to become that specific cell. The cell then emits its own specific electromagnetic frequency of information based on the combination of atoms present. As we know, each cell is specialized in the body meaning it has a specialty or one specific job that it does. Groups of cells with the same specialty are called tissues (muscles, organs, blood vessels, glands) which are structured/organized (look) different and function (work) different depending on their specialization, with each tissue emanating its own specific energetic frequency based on the individual cells within it and their individual frequencies. This concept of course stretches out to the whole being vibrating its own specific frequency based on the individual energy fields by all the cells put together.

This means that the invisible energy fields created by the individual cells entangle together to create a structural and communication/transportation network with one another, thus allowing the being to sustain form and allowing the cells to function in harmony with one another. Therefore, every living being including us humans vibrates at their own specific frequency, with the natural base line at a level that supports well-being in the body. So, your body naturally has wellbeing flowing to it and through it every second of every day. Without you trying (a mindset shift compared to the medical world who thinks we are broken and need to put things into the body to help it be well right off the bat). This frequency of course can be interrupted depending on the external environment of the body and the cell (the different universal destructive forces which we will talk about eventually).

If all the individual atoms of the individual cells vibrate together in coherence, which means they all vibrate and emit the same electromagnetic frequency, then that cell is organized efficiently and functions optimally. However, if any of the individual atoms do not cooperate and vibrate out of sync with the others, the cell then becomes incoherent… it doesn’t work optimally or is dysfunctional. On a bigger scale, if the cells of the individual tissues aren’t vibrating in sync with one another, that tissue will be dysfunctional and zoom out further still, if the tissues aren’t vibrating in sync with each other, then the entire body is dysfunctional. This incoherence/ dysfunction is another name for disease.

Because cells are vibrating from within the invisible field of unlimited energetic potential (the quantum field), they therefore draw from it to not only sustain physical form but to also express life. The quantum field provides the cells with the information they need: it is the cells never ending power source, their connection to infinite Universal Intelligence. The Innate part of Intelligence, that intelligence that distinguishes living from nonliving, comes with the genetic information within every cell as controlled/ regulated by the brain and the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that runs the body without you consciously thinking about it). I will discuss the nervous system in more detail later but because the cells of the human body are a community of cells and not a single celled life form that can function without a leader so to speak (like a slime mold amoeba), they need to have something conducting and directing them… telling them what to do with their specialized selves and when... to ensure the whole body survives.

Regardless, each cell has a copy of the entire genome within their nucleus and therefore technically, each cell has access to every combination of DNA code that can create different proteins. As we will get into in future articles, proteins are the molecules (made of atoms) that transport things throughout the body and into/out of the cell, are the mechanics that assemble other proteins from different DNA codes, and are part of the foundation of basically all cellular structures. They are the molecules that power life because they allow the living being to assimilate resources into the body, excrete wastes from the body, adapt to all forces that come to/within the body, grow, and reproduce (at a cellular level)…the signs of life.

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