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Sick Care Vs Health Care

In my opinion, the current conventional healthcare model of drugs and surgery should really be called sick care because that is what it is doing: it increases health after disease and damage is already there, mind you doing so in a risky way that does not support your natural being but helping the body feel better none the less. Therefore, I also think that what should be called real healthcare is the focus on taking proactive measures more diligently and mindfully, and preventing sickness in the first place... otherwise known as wellness.

With that in mind, I am passionate about opening your eyes to a new (or different I should say) way of thinking, to this alternative view of healthcare we call wellness; which is the degree to which an individual experiences health and vitality in any dimension of life. Your state of wellness or the amount of wellness expressed by your body is a continuum, meaning it isn’t static; it doesn't stay the same day after day after day. Rather, it is constantly changing on a moment-to-moment basis and the level of wellness your body expresses is determined by the choices you make every single day. Therefore, it can fluctuate from a high level to death depending on the quality of those choices. For example, if you choose to eat a doughnut for breakfast instead of some fruit, your choice will take you away from high levels of health and steer you in the disease direction. If you choose to workout instead of watch TV, your choice will bring you closer to high levels of health.

My Mission: Informed Choice

So because it is your body, it is your choice and therefore your responsibility to take care of yourself. Not us doctors and not the people around you. This means learning as much as you can on how to take care of yourself and taking action on that information as you so choose.

I am an advocate of informed choice when it comes to healthcare. Informed choice means that you voluntarily make your own healthcare decisions based on the information you are provided by those of us with higher levels of education on the subjects you are trying to implement into your life. In order to make the best decision possible, it requires all sides of the "story" to be shared with you. Because how can you make a solid decision based on YOUR values and YOUR personal philosophies if you only have part of the information? Therefore, you need to be given all the risks as well as the benefits, especially when it comes to medication and surgery because many of these things have death as a possible side effect.

The problem is that most mainstream doctors, because of their limited education and possible inherited greed mindset from Big Pharma, don't share all the risks of the procedures and treatments they recommend. Some don't even share any information at all and yet proceed to push people toward their recommendations... you know that "I'm a doctor, I know better so you should do what I tell you" mindset. This all adds to the current unhealthy state of our country because some patients aren't getting the help they deserve while others are deliberately put on the sickness path on purpose. And when you think about the reach and influence mainstream media (most being funded/owned by Big Pharma) has on the people, you realize how it got so bad so fast.

Because of this, I dedicate myself as a doctor to sharing as much health information with you as possible. I am of course here to point out where the break downs are in your wellness efforts that are currently pointing you toward the disease direction of the wellness spectrum or are causing symptoms and help you fix and change them, but I cannot in good conscious leave you without some sort of education on the natural side of health and wellness.

But just so you know, sometimes this information goes against what is conventional and common but that doesn’t mean it’s not the truth or that it won’t work; it’s just that this information doesn’t make a lot of money in the long run, so it isn’t the common message you are hearing from the mainstream media and medical doctors.

In love and light,

Dr. Brittany

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