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Iceberg Ahead

Hello Hilltop Family! Each and every being on this planet alive right now has one thing in common...life. How we choose to spend that life is all up to us, right down to how we choose to be (or not be) healthy. But in order for us to understand and choose the best options for our health, we need to know what it is and where it comes from along with what it isn't. This is all part of having an innate based mindset, which is an another Essential of Health. Having an innate mindset is not only thinking positively and utilizing healthy stress management tools, it is also the understanding of how your body truly works (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and the knowledge of how to take care of it and support it according to what it needs in a way that doesn't add anything harmful to the body or take away from it's natural resources.

Let's start with the actual definition of health: "the condition of being sound body, mind, or spirit... the general condition of the body... a condition in which someone or something is thriving or doing well: WELL-BEING" -Webster Dictionary "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." -WHO If you actually look at the word HEALTH, you see the base word HEAL. True health is how your body is HEALing, not how your body is feeling, although yes feeling good is a part of having a quality life. But if we only focus on the feeling parts of our health, we are missing the bigger picture: the total, whole body picture. And that becomes dangerous because more often than not, we have things affecting our health and we don't even know it. As for example the people you know who feel fine and yet they have a heart attack. Things like this disrupt our feeling based idea of health because that's not truly what health is, there's more to it than that. So just because you don't have symptoms, it doesn't mean you are healthy. This is similar to an iceberg, where all you see is the tip sticking out of the water (the things you feel= symptoms) but you really don't know how big the chunk of ice is underneath (the way you function and heal). Of course you can also have symptoms and still be completely healthy. Case in point the symptoms we get when we have the common cold (which is in the coronavirus family of viruses FYI). The fever, the coughing, the running nose... those kind of symptoms. Even though they feel terrible and can lay you out flat for a few days, they mean you are expressing health because without them your body would be overrun by pathogens and allergens... which could kill you to be honest. These symptoms are your eliminators, how your body fights off and even prevents infection. Therefore, symptoms are normal and things we shouldn't fear or shun.. now that's a mindset shift! Health is also not filling your body with prescription or over the counter toxins. Even though they help change the internal environment of your body to stimulate healing, they do so in a harmful way. They actually put more strain on the body and decrease healing time because your body switches focus from healing the problem you took the medication for in the first place to detoxifying the toxin because to the body, that toxin is a bigger issue. Reason being is because toxins get stored inside the cell and use up precious resources for normal cellular processes... like detecting pathogens like the SARS-COV2 virus for example BEFORE they turn into a full blown diseases (take a look back at previous articles on our website to refresh your memory on how the immune system works). In fact, toxins like these pharmaceutical grade chemicals are one of the CAUSES of sublxuations and therefore are one of the CAUSES of disease; or what we like to call side effects. If your body was truly healthy (meaning functioning as close to 100% as possible), it shouldn't need medicine. Unless of course there's some sort of emergency- that is why we have the medical system after all. So unlike the Titanic, miss your iceberg by being proactive with your health... starting with your mind. Next week, we will go into some how tos on this Essential, helping you manage stress in a more natural way.

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