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Hang In There, You Got This

Hello Friend! Today, we want to give you some ideas to help you raise your vibration and keep you healthy if you're stuck at home (and even if you're not!):

  • Breathe, prioritize, keep your routine. Make a list of tasks for the day to instill some organization and peace in your life right now. Focus on what IS in your control right now.

  • Be grateful. Gratitude instantly raises your vibration and your mood. Say to yourself three things you are thankful for daily or keep a gratitude journal.

  • Set boundaries. Set limits on checking the news, your phone, and social media.

  • Clean up your social media. Unfollow and de-friend those people or businesses who you find no longer serve you and your life goals and who may bring extra stress and negativity into your life that you don't need. Follow people and businesses that instead help you grow as a person or you actually enjoy seeing on your newsfeed. If you haven't liked us on our social media pages, the links are at the bottom of this email.

  • Home workouts. Urban Cycle of Minneapolis has online classes. Try this free website Fitness Blender for all types of exercises at home and yoga at home with Yoga with Adreiene.

  • Go outside. Just because you have to stay home, doesn't mean you need to stay inside. As long as you stay within the parameters of proper social distancing, getting outside will save you from getting "cabin fever." Fresh air will do us all good. Go for a walk around your house or apartment building at least.

  • Do a detox/cleanse. This is the perfect time to cleanse your body of toxins that are stuck in your fat cells affecting your metabolism and nervous system function. For the best program, email us back and we will give you some options.

  • Change a health habit. Coach Anna is working virtually from home so take advantage of this time by emailing coachanna@hilltopfamilychiro.com with any questions and for your FREE consultation to learn how you can be healthier.

  • Start a meditation practice. YouTube has all sorts of guided meditations you can start with otherwise check out these websites: Chopra Center, Mind Body Green, The Mindful Movement and this app: Insight Timer

  • Refuel your positive mindset. Daily affirmations are important to keeping your mindset in a positive space, especially during times of uncertainty. A simple google or Pinterest search will give you affirmations of all kinds. Also, check out these websites for some positive inspiration for your day: The Daily Om, The Tiny Buddah, Project Yourself.

  • Throwback to younger years. Put on your favorite music as a teenager and have a dance party or a rock concert in your shower.

  • Tap into your inner child. Play a board game, do a puzzle, color, watch Disney movies... Whatever you enjoyed doing as a kid, bring it back!

  • Have a spa day. Pamper yourself with an Epson salt bath and a face mask. For healthy, non toxic options for your personal care products go here skindeep

  • Learn something new. Use the internet for what it was designed for, information learning. Learn about a place, a person, a time in history, learn a new language... the possibilities are endless.

  • Challenge yourself and your beliefs. Just because you learned something one way or you grew up watching your parents be one way or do things one way, doesn't mean that is the only way. Learn about a new way of life and explore the beliefs of the world. Good people to look into are: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr Gregg Braden, Gabriella Bernstein, and Abraham Hicks.

As with everything in life, if something doesn't resonate with you then you don't have to force yourself to do it. Just move on to the next thing. Follow your bliss, follow your joy. Do what makes you happy and what you love and watch the world around you light up.

We will continue to remain open for normal hours all next week as chiropractic is essential to your health. And as always, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know! Thank you for helping us spread the word on proactive health! We love and appreciate you. Love, Dr. Brittany and Coach Anna

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