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Hello Hilltop Family! COVID-19 Video of the Week The first thing I want to do today is share this video with you. It is long but very eye opening

  • Medical censorship: doctors silenced for having success treating patients with COVID-19

  • Vaccine makers warning the public about the new vaccine that is being produced

  • Fauci recommending goggles?

Health Essential: Maximized Quality Nutrition  Now as promised, here are some how to's for your nutrition. Keep in mind this is just a starting place and there are many more details to this Essential. Which is why we have classes to help you learn the details and Coach Anna to help you customize this Essential and help you transition to a cleaner lifestyle more smoothly and correctly. Another requirement of healthy cells is that they need to live in an alkaline environment (basic on the pH scale). The food that you eat, the amount of oxygen you get, and the amount of toxins you get exposed to determine the pH of your cellular environment. Processed food, being exposed to lots of toxins, GMO food, and lack of oxygen (exercise) create more of an acidic environment, where as fresh food and clean water create more of an alkaline environment.

It is estimated that 95% of chronic disease are caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of physical exercise. So your food choice and toxin exposure is very important to prevent disease. Mindset shift:

  • Think of food as your fuel, providing you with the energy and information you need to do what you need to during the day, instead of something just to fill your belly with.

  • Fresh organic food can be expensive but disease is much more expensive, both to your pocketbook and your emotional and social life.

  • Not all calories are created equal. There is the same number of calories in a Twinkie as there is in a handful of almonds. Obviously the almonds are healthier for you than the Twinkie so instead of focusing on calorie intake, focus on quality and chemicals because those matter more when it comes to things like weight loss and overall health.

  • Fat is not bad (good fats anyways). Sugar and chemicals are the main culprit of disease and weight gain.

Drink water:

  • Half body weight in ounces, every day.

  • Tea, coffee, juice, and other soft drinks don't count as water.

Eat whole food:

  • Eat your nutrients- You always want to start with eating your nutrients first. Meaning eat a variety of whole foods to get all the necessary macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and then supplement to address any deficiencies.

  • Consume multiple servings of whole fruits and vegetables daily- fresh is always best but choose frozen over canned when you can; organic and non-GMO as much as possible. Check out EWG.org for the dirty dozen list (foods you should absolutely buy organic) and the clean fifteen (foods you can get away with not buying organic).

  • Switch to healthy meats- organic, non-GMO, antibiotic and hormone free as much as possible; free-range chicken and eggs, grass fed beef (the packages will say grass fed), wild caught seafood, and wild game (wild not farmed).

  • Reduce all refined grains- white flour, white rice, white bread, white pastas, etc.

  • Reduce all refined sugars- table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose.

  • Avoid all artificial sweeteners- for a healthy alternative, use Stevia or xylitol.

  • Refrain from eating fast food and processed food- processed food is anything that comes in a box or a bag as a general rule of thumb (besides of course frozen fruit/vegetables)


  • The reason certain supplements are necessary for everyone is because the nutrient density of the soil in this country is depleting due to common farming practices (use of pesticides and GMOs, etc); there are less available nutrients for us to use from actual food. Therefore, in order to ensure proper function of our cells, we must fill in the gaps with supplements.

  • Fab 5 Bundle- This your source of essential nutrients and additional nutrient support to keep you at your best. Includes– multivitamin, D3, probiotics, fish oil, and fruits and greens (antioxidant). These are the supplements everyone should be taking.

  • Dr. Brittany can customize your supplement needs based on your medical and stress history if she thinks it is necessary. Talk to her to learn more.

  • Wellness Wednesday- Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, we offer 5% off all supplements.

  • Self-ordering- If you are interested, we can send you a link to our supplement companies so you can order on your own time and get your supplements shipped directly to you. Just let us know.

Meal planning and shopping:

  • Every week, set aside time to plan out your daily menu.

  • Bring a list to the store with you- eliminates the grab and go tendencies.

  • Shop the outside isles- At the grocery store it is best to avoid the inside of the store (the places with the processed food).

FREE Health Assessments For more customized help with this Essential, schedule time with Coach Anna, our health and wellness coach coachanna@hilltopfamilychiro.com. We are offering a FREE 15-20 minute introduction session to see if coaching is something that could help you. And for more educational material on nutrition including recipes, check out our social media pages and keep an eye out for upcoming classes.

Make sure to share as much as you can with everyone you know! We need your help to get the proactive health message to the masses.

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