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Epigenetics Part 1: Forget the Fear

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Hello Hilltop Family!

Since Darwin came up with the natural selection theory of evolution followed by Mendel fathering modern genetics years later, we have been programmed (see what I did there) to accept that we are slaves to our genes, that life is controlled by our DNA and disease is solely determined and caused by the genetics that we inherited from our parents, and from their parents before them, and before them and so on. In parallel, this created a world that lives in fear (or doesn't even think about health) that on some unsuspecting day, our genes are going to turn against us and cause us to develop some killer disease or at the very least some sort of condition that is accompanied by a lifetime of struggle and/or pain and not just on a physical level. It took the responsibility of our health out of our hands and puts the blame of disease and sickness on our genetics, something out of our control. Thus, giving us a victim mentality and forcing us to be reliant on doctors and other health practitioners; because if we cannot change the outcome ourselves, if there's really nothing we can do about it, we HAVE to seek help at some point and/or can continue to use it as an excuse as to why we cannot get our health on track and be the healthiest we possibly can be.

But that's not the truth. The truth is you ARE responsible for your health and your lifestyle is what determines it, not your genetics. The truth is only 2% of human diseases are caused by defective genes acting alone. The remaining 98% of diseases that plague our country and many other developed nations are the result of complex interactions among multiple genes and environmental factors. So why the confusion?

One thing contributing to and perpetuating this and other health harming programming of the human collective is the mainstream media as directed by Big Pharma, who seems to gain the most from this limited belief (if we can't do anything about it and HAVE to seek help at some point, they have the quick and easy "fix" for it... which means more money for them). Part of the confusion is that we have forgotten or don't realize that there is a difference between correlation and causation of disease, with the mainstream media and medial world constantly making one equal to the other when they are not the same at all. We need to understand this because if we want to eliminate or reduce symptoms and disease and prevent new ones from showing up, we have to know what is CAUSING the problem and not just what is correlated to it. You can remove/reduce what is correlated or linked to a disease all day long but unless you remove/reduce the cause, the disease will continue.

Correlation to a disease is something that is linked to or exacerbates a disease but is not the main cause of it. Think about your car keys and what controls your car... the key is needed to turn on the car but it doesn't control the car right? You control the car. The key is just "correlated" with the control of the car. So in the case of what controls the car, the answer is you and not the keys (if your keys controlled the car, they could go joyriding as they please). In the case of what caused your cold, the answer is destructive universal forces (traumas, toxins, and thoughts) or environment stimuli that diminish the expression of Innate Intelligence, weakening the immune system, and not the virus itself. If it was the virus, EVERYONE would get an infection. Reason being is because strong immune systems (created by following the 5 Essentials to your max) create hostile environments for viruses as well as other pathogens (bacteria, fungi, parasites) whereas weak immune systems create the perfect environment for these pathogens to not only survive but thrive: replicate itself to form an infection. Therefore, any pathogen is linked or correlated to a disease and is not the cause of it. We have already discussed the Germ Theory in another article so I won't talk about it again here.

In the genetic realm, specific genes are correlated with someone's behavior and characteristics because they encode for proteins, the building blocks of life: create the physical anatomy of the body and are crucial components to physiological processes in the body. But these genes are not activated until something triggers them, an environmental stimuli of some type. Which means that the genes are not the primary first CAUSE of disease. We will continue this thought and debunk the theory that DNA is the controller of life next time.

Another part of the problem this programming continues is because the mainstream is really good at knowing how to spread fear and can spin things certain ways for their benefit. So since most mainstream media outlets are funded and sponsored by Big Pharma, what they share with you is what Big Pharma wants to sell you, both information and products alike. I wish I didn't have to remind you of that but it is an unfortunate part of life right now, they may not have our best health interests at heart. So take what you hear on the news with a grain of salt and ask questions if you're unsure about something. This is why I watch The Highwire for my news updates as well as use other alternative outlets as they do not have corporate sponsors and therefore are not dictated as to what they can/cannot share with you... they are able to give you the truth.

Remember that all of this information I share is to help you expand your Innate based mindset, an essential to your health, and to provide you with all the information you need to make the best health decisions for you and your family. I find that once you understand some of these basic things, your health expands with it and you grow as a human being... it helps you know how to take care of yourself better and keeps the responsibility of your health in your hands where it belongs because no one is you but you.

In love and light,

Dr. Brittany

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