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EEEK Germs!

Before you know it, the infamous sniffle season will be upon us. Are you ready for it? To help you prepare, let’s talk about germs!

The Germ Theory

The germ theory was a major advancement in the study of diseases and how they are spread. Unfortunately, this theory created a global fear of germs that caused many of us to ignore the fact that how we take care of ourselves and our state of health are the most important factors when trying to avoid illness. This theory states that germs cause illness when they are spread by the things or the people we touch… meaning if we come into contact with someone who is sick, we will get sick too. But what this theory doesn’t mention is that the human body is resilient, it is protective of itself. The human body has defenses set in place that protect you against these germs that willy nilly get passed around from person to person. So just because you come into contact with germs, doesn’t mean you WILL get sick.

The Immune System

Your immune system is designed to fight off the germs we are exposed to and it is very good at it. Starting at birth, your immune system is always learning, developing, and adapting. If your newborn baby comes into contact with a flu virus or cold bacteria, their immune system studies it, attacks it, and imprints its characteristics in the DNA of the baby; thus, creating immunity from future assaults and attacks. And this happens for EVERY virus and bacteria and disease and symptom causing germ out there. What’s amazing is that the body goes through this process without outside help. In fact we are all born with this ability. So food for thought here…. what do vaccines (this includes the flu shot) actually do for us if we already have a built in immunity creating system? This system can literally fight off everything that comes its way as long as there is no break downs in the system. This is where chiropractic and the 5 Essentials come in- not only to prevent illness and help our young create lifetime immunity from the very beginning, but also to help treat our symptoms and restore health when our immune systems can’t keep up with the demands we put on our bodies.

The 5 Essentials and Your Immune System

When we don’t provide our bodies with what it needs to be healthy, it adapts and uses what is available, causing the function of our bodies and the ability to stay healthy to decrease. Following the 5 essentials as much as possible helps prevent this reaction because your body has everything it needs so it doesn’t need to remind you that it doesn’t. This is why symptoms happen by the way- they are warning lights or signals telling you that something is wrong, that your body isn’t getting enough of what it needs or too much of what it doesn’t need.

As you know, your nervous system communicates with every cell in your body and this definitely includes the cells of your immune system. If your brain can’t communicate with your immune system, your immune system has no marching orders and doesn’t know what to do so it isn’t as responsive to germs, it isn’t as efficient at getting rid of them, and you get sick easier and/or more frequently. Plus, you don’t create immunity to it which means the next time you come into contact with that germ, your body will have to work harder to eliminate it. With your adjustment, you restore that communication and actually boost your immune system’s efficiency by 200%. WOW!

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