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Hello Hilltop Family! First things first, updates:

  • We are closed Monday, September 7th for Labor day. We will resume normal hours on Tuesday.

  • Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint, the allergy trio of essential oils if you would, will be added to the diffusers along with Theives as the fall allergy season is soon upon us if not already here for some of you.

Now some interesting developments in COVID land: The CDC updated the COVID-19 death numbers to reveal more accurate counting last week, absent a huge blowup in the mainstream media...

  • 6% of the total US death count is COVID-19 only. That means that less than 10,000 people across the US have died with COVID-19 alone since our first documented cases in February.

  • The remaining 94% of the total COVID-19 counted deaths had 2-3 additional conditions or causes that contributed to death. These include chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and renal failure.

  • They also break down death count by age compared to the total population number to show you that out of the entire US population, so far there have been less than 400 deaths ages 0-24, around 13,000 ages 25-54, around 99,000 ages 55-84, and around 52,000 ages 85 and older (obviously, you have to look at these numbers compared to the total population numbers for each group to be accurate on the risk for each age category- CDC's chart shows this).

  • However, this only means that the COVID-19 diagnostic code was recorded on the death certificate which according to the CDC's guidelines, a confirmed diagnosis (a positive diagnostic test) is NOT needed to do so; if it is a presumed or suspected case, it can also be recorded as COVID-19 cause of death.

So are these numbers accurate?

  • These numbers are possibly still inaccurate as several state health agencies have admitted they manipulated their numbers and it is entirely possible that other states are doing the same only not admitting it.

  • It is also possible that several states are being very liberal in the assuming of a COVID-19 positive case without actually confirming.

  • This manipulation is probably due to the fact that the CDC stated in their guidelines for recording death certificate that they more than likely WON'T follow up on the data submitted to them. And the fact that deaths with COVID-19 diagnosis attached to it get higher reimbursement rates from health insurance companies (it's even more money when the patient dies on a respirator with COVID-19).

This being said, I want to remind you that we are here for you! My mission is to share with you as much holistic health related information as possible and to help guide you to a healthier place, something our country desperately needs as a whole. And sometimes this information goes against the mainstream and what is common in the world. But just because something is common doesn't make it true or right. In fact, more often than not what isn't common is more helpful and beneficial to you as an individual as well as for the greater good than what is common.

Sooo let's talk about some of those "uncommon," counter-culture type things that can help you prevent disease: Essential of Health: Minimize Toxins As we have discussed in previous articles, normal cells have certain requirements to stay normal (AKA healthy). They NEED nerve supply, oxygen, and to live in an alkaline environment. To be alkaline, proper nutrients are necessary as well as the inside and the outside of the cell must be clean of any "extras" (toxins, allergens, pathogens, and normal cellular byproducts/wastes). Toxins and chemicals surround us in our everyday lives and are one such thing that can create a "dirty" environment for cells to live in, making it harder for normal cellular processes to be carried out due to limited cell to cell communication and transport of resources (this includes nerve supply) between cells and from point A to point B in the body. Not to mention, toxins enter normal cells and use up the resources that are reserved for normal cellular processes in the first place. All of the above leading to increased risk of disease. Where are they? (this is not a complete list as there are many)

  • In the air: smoke, paint, car fumes, cleaning products, walking down the laundry isle, perfume...

  • In our home/work/school space: teflon, plastic, unfiltered water, mold, flame retardant on furniture...

  • On our skin: personal care products (makeup, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste...), clothing, furniture...

  • In our mouth: alcohol, pesticides, preservatives, food dyes/coloring, GMO's, added hormones to food/beverages, sugar, medications (over the counter and prescription)...

  • Injected into our bodies: vaccinations, medications, birth drugs (affect baby and mom)

How can you minimize the toxins in your life?

  • Avoid ingredients on the Ingredients to avoid list

  • Our Healthy Homes- We have partnered with Sheila at Our Healthy Homes to help you with this Essential. She can help you ditch the toxins in your home and make the switch to cleaner and healthier products. Contact her for more information: 651-775-9194, sheila@hittnergroup.com

  • EWG.org- your go to website to see what things you can replace your toxic ingredients with along with other information on reducing toxins in your life. They also have updates and news on current national environmental issues.

  • EWG smart phone app– you can scan the bar codes of your favorite products to see what ingredients are harmful, if any.

  • Buy organic/ non-GMO as much as possible- Check out the dirty dozen/clean fifteen lists on EWG.org to know which foods you should absolutely buy organic.

  • Choose non-toxic meats- Avoid meats that contain hormones and antibiotics (they should say antibiotic and hormone free). Free range, cage free, grass fed, wild caught are also best. Avoid processed deli meats as well.

  • Minimize over the counter and prescription drugs as much as possible- utilize adjustments, essential oils, and supplements first. ****Talk to the doctor before going off any medications and for suggestions of what to do instead**** Also, talk to the doctor before trying any home remedies (including over the counter medications) you may read/hear about.

  • Detox/cleanse- We recommend doing some sort of cleanse or detox program once a year as there are some toxins you can’t avoid and get rid of with just your normal, daily detoxification processes. A detox/cleanse helps your body get rid of those toxins and helps your body run more efficiently. Ask for more information about which detox/cleanse is best for you.

For more educational material on minimizing toxins, check out our social media pages and keep an eye out for upcoming classes. Make sure to like us and share what inspires you with others!

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