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Cold/Flu "Season"

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Healthy HoliDAYs

With the snow flying in the air, I am reminded that the holidays are coming up quick which means another "cold/flu season" is right around the corner. No, I'm not trying to freak you out. I want to give you some peace of mind about it, starting with this: there are no more pathogens (potentially harmful microorganisms) present in the world environment during this time of year than there are any other time of year. This is yet another scare tactic promoted by Big Pharma and its minions in mainstream healthcare and in the mainstream media to get you to "buy in" to what they are selling... so yet again, they don't give you the full story. Germs aren't picky about when, where, or who. They just want to survive and each of them has their own offenses and defenses so that they can do so both outside the body as well as inside the body. Just like we have offenses and defenses that help fight them off when we get contaminated with them, AKA our immune system responses: innate and adaptive.

The flu season is just the time of year when our immune systems take a hit and therefore we see more cases and coincidently, more cold and flu related deaths. Reason being is because the holiday time adds more emotional stress and busyness to most of our lives, suppressing the immune system by putting you in fight or flight mode and causing more subluxations, which suppress the immune system even further. During this busy and stressful time, on top of the extra stress moreover the added emotional load to the spine, many people seem to...

  • get adjusted less or not at all,

  • do even less physical activity (hello, too cold outside in the northern states),

  • see less sunlight (in the Midwest anyways),

  • and tend to eat more sugar (all those yummy treats that come around in November and December) and less healthy whole food

  • which often means coinciding increases in toxin exposure (more genetically modified, pesticide ridden, and processed food plus sugar in and of itself can be toxic in that it causes excess inflammation in the body- a topic for another day).

All these things are considered "acceptable" during this time of year, meaning most of us think that it's okay to slack on taking care of ourselves just because it's the holidays... as if it doesn't affect your health if you say/think that when it still does. Every thought you have, every choice you make does. Any time there is a decrease in the 5 Essential self-care work needed to keep the body healthy, it will ALWAYS put the body in a disease state (an abnormal condition in the body, a body lacking ease) regardless if you are aware of it or not with the warning signs we call symptoms. And being in a disease state of course puts you at a higher risk of getting sick and not just with the flu.

Therefore, this is NOT a time to skip out on your adjustments even though you may be busier! Especially this year. Subluxations don't take vacations nor do they care if you have family coming over or have a big dinner to make. In fact, they show up MORE when you are stressed out and don't give your maximum effort at your other Essentials.

Cases, Cases, Cases

Last thing I feel the need to remind you of is that there are other illnesses and conditions out there besides COVID-19 that all share similar symptoms... allergies, asthma, flu, common cold, etc. Please be mindful of that. Also, to remind you that the case number is NOT the number we should be focused on because these people SURVIVED (remember there's a 96% survival rate if infected) AND they developed immunity... SCORE!! Steps forward to herd immunity!! And that means steps forward to stopping the mandates and lockdowns.

Which brings me to this... the inaccuracy of the PCR test is contributing to the high case numbers... the majority of cases counted are false positives! The PCR test uses amplification of the sample's genetic material, specifically looking for parts of the RNA code sequence of the virus to determine if an infection is present. Remember, RNA is the copied DNA code that travels to the cytoplasm to create proteins in normal human cells... once it gets inside the human cell (after getting passed all the other immune system defenses prior to this), the virus uses its own RNA code to assemble its own proteins which are needed to make more copies of itself. Basically, the virus takes over the human cell's protein making machinery and resources to make its own viral pieces instead that can then build more virus cells in order to infect more human cells and the process repeats until full blown infection occurs. By the way, we also have immune system defenses for after this invasion of human cell processes happens.

In order for the PCR test to be positive, the live virus doesn't have to be present in the sample being tested. Because proteins also contain genetic material (too much detail for right now), this means that pieces of the virus (the components that make up the physical virus itself) can also be counted as a positive but this would be a false positive. A true positive is when the viral RNA can be cultured, meaning it will grow into an infection when put into an animal host. Pieces of the virus won't grow. Side note: we can pick up these viral pieces anywhere, at any time and as they are just the discarded waste products or corpses of already dead viruses, they cannot infect us.

With this test, the more cycles ran means a higher amplification of what you are looking at in your sample (like your zoom feature on your camera). Many state testing labs cut off the PCR test at 33 plus cycles (depending on the lab) until they consider it positive for infection when it has been shown that only 17 cycles is needed for 100% chance of infection (because it is at this point when the virus is actually cultured... a true positive test). So essentially, these labs are zooming in too close so they can't tell what the bigger picture really is, creating a possible false positive. Possible and not definite because when you test after symptoms show up is important as to how likely it is that what is being seen is actually a live virus but the only way to find out for sure is to culture the sample. And we aren't doing that...This video explains the PCR test more and the fraud happening around it. Again, you've been lied to!

In love and light,

Dr. Brittany

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