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Hello Hilltop Family! Today, I want to remind you that Hilltop Family Chiropractic is on social media! This is probably the best place besides these weekly articles where you can deepen your Innate mindset even more but on a daily basis. I have been working hard at planning out and creating content that I hope you will find useful to your growth on this wellness journey. If there is something you wish me to post about, let me know! What kinds of information will you find on our social media pages?

  • Inspiration and motivation

  • Recipes

  • Nutrition tips and tricks

  • Exercise and stretching routines

  • Toxin information and replacements

  • Stress reduction techniques

  • Articles on all things health (including COVID updates)

  • Videos on all things health


  • Office closures (with the snow coming soon, this will be utilized greatly)

  • Upcoming educational classes and events

This is one way we can help others (and of course you) be as healthy as possible and introduce them to the proactive, 5 Essential lifestyle that I teach. The more people who understand these basic things about health, the healthier our community and furthermore the world can be. That is my mission: to educate the masses on this way of thinking about health to help improve the state of health in this country. And I need your help! So if you haven't done so already, please like/follow us on all social media platforms and share share share with your friends and family.

Another way you can help me with this mission, is by sharing these articles I write every week with the people you know.

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And finally, you can help me reach more people online by writing a testimonial for our under construction testimonial page and/or leave a review on Google and Facebook.

I appreciate you and I love serving you. In love and light, Dr. Brittany

Office Closed December 24 and 25 January 1 Hours Change December 31 9-12, no 3-6 hours Please plan your adjustments accordingly. We will resume normal adjusting hours January 4.

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